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YouTube will block and remove all anti-vaccine content and creators

YouTube will now be blocking and removing any and all anti-vaccine content on their platform.

A blog post on Wednesday said it would remove content that claims vaccines cause chronic health issues or if they have any misinformation on what a vaccine contains.

YouTube is owned by Alphabet Inc and the company will also ban well-known activists against vaccines and remove entire channels.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Joseph Mercola are included in the removal, who have both remained well-known for anti-vaccine rhetoric.

Facebook and Twitter have been under scrutiny for not doing enough to stop false information about vaccines from spreading, so YouTube is getting ahead.

The platform is receiving pushback globally for its move on the strict banning of misinformation, and was even called out by Russia for banning a Russian state backed broadcaster for breaching the COVID-19 misinformation policy.

Russia reacted by calling the decision “unprecedented information aggression” and said they may block YouTube.

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