Does Spotify provide you fake listeners?

Spotify, the world’s best-known music app, was introduced in 2006 and has over 248 million users. No doubt the services provided by Spotify make it worthwhile, but there is a history of scams and frauds associated with Spotify that counts as another reason behind its success.

If you are a music lover and an active user of Spotify, you must have heard about the trending statement that Spotify provides its users with fake listeners. How much truth is there in this statement? We are going to figure it out in this blog!

Just like other social media account holders buy bots to increase their growth on social media platforms, many users on Spotify also wish to grow the same way. Yes, many of the playlists you come across on Spotify are not organic Spotify plays. However, it is not the fault of the app itself, but the scammers who are earning from Spotify’s sum of shares. One way people do fraud is through Streamlabs Spotify, which scammers use in order to earn a vast sum of money by increasing their content engagement.

But, is it Spotify that provides its users with all these fake listeners? Well, no! It’s the streaming farms that are responsible for all this, and even the Spotify company is at a disadvantage due to it. 

What Are Streaming Farms?

Streaming farm, as the name implies, is a platform that uses streaming to make an immense sum of money. Just like bots increase fake followers count in social media accounts, streaming farms falsely increase the number of songs listens to. Wondering how it works? Let us explain it to you! Scammers create their own custom playlists and buy bots to listen to that playlist multiple times. This increases the number of listens of the song or playlist, resulting in a massive earning. Spotify receives a very little sum of money per listens from the total sum of money earned by artists and the worst part of this scamming game is that scammers snatch the well-deserved, limited earning of Spotify. Fortunately, this will not last for long. Spotify is tracking fake streams and blacklisting them from the Spotify app. 

How to Spot Fake Spotify Playlist?

There are many ways by which you can spot fake Spotify playlists to ensure and access to smooth and high-quality music. The following are some of these ways:

– You must never pay for increasing engagement on the playlist.

– Refrain from paying money to the curators of playlists on Spotify. 

 Check out the profile of playlist creators to identify if they own fake followers. In case all of their playlists have around the same follower count, they are likely to be scammers having bots as followers.

– Look for the last two weeks’ performance of playlist curators before contacting them. In case their followers’ count is increasing dramatically, know that it isn’t an authentic profile.

So these were a few ways you can spot fake Spotify playlists. We are sure you would never want to ruin your experience of listening to quality music on Spotify and would never lend a hand to the scammers to flourish in their scam business.