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The surge continues in Victor Central School District, with 15 additional COVID cases and nearly 200 quarantines

Just yesterday there were said to be around 170 quarantines due to positive COVID cases in Victor Central School District, but now there are almost 200 quarantines and 15 new cases.

Monroe and Wayne County health officials seem to think the cases are due to activities outside school, but Ontario County public health director Mary Beer believes it’s related to in-school activities.

There are currently 40 positive cases and they are primarily out of the primary and intermediate buildings.

Beer says last season there was no spread inside the schools among kids, but this year we are seeing more COVID cases in kids than ever during the pandemic.

Beer firmly believes these infections are from being in the classrooms and on the buses.

The rules are strict, saying any student or staff that has come into contact with a positive case must quarantine, but parents disagree.

One parent stated she believes it’s robbing the kids of their education.

Parents must consent to the now weekly testing of students and staff, and staff may opt out if they are vaccinated.

Beer says keeping schools open is her top priority.