PhenQ meal replacement shakes for weight loss: Phenq reviews before and after complete meal shake results

It is natural to crave high-caloric, extremely satisfying, and appetizing meals as we embark on our weight loss journey. It is in fact, a challenge that often hampers our focus or worse, holds back our weight loss progress. Interestingly, there are some diets that allow us to quench our thirst for our favorite meals. But let’s be honest- none of us have enough time to prepare those fulfilling meals. Nor the options to come up with a variety every time!

Thankfully, the launch of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake has simplified the dilemma to the max. The formula is more like a savior for every individual keen to lose weight without suppressing its cravings or wasting time on preparing the gratifying meals. Yes, the Meal Shake serves as 1 Full Meal, while supplying 24 imperative minerals and vitamins to support your slimming. The nutritional punch aims to curb those shooting hunger pangs while ensuring added supply of energy round the clock. What more does it offer and how well it can be your go-to meal replacement shake, let’s figure out now!

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What is PhenQ Complete Meal Shake?

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is the assistance for the dieters struggling to lose oodles of weight. However, it is no ordinary product part of the weight loss industry. But a dedicated, smartly designed recipe that strategically helps dieters by saturating their thirst for delectable meals while delivering vitamins and minerals to accelerate their slimming progress.

The researched-based InnoSlim® formula aims to curb your cravings that simply make the weight loss process, one complex job. It activates metabolism and contributes to a well-functioning AMP-activated protein kinase response to take your fat burning capacity to heights. However, its effects are not limiting like some other Meal Shake you come across. It further favors the upgrade in energy levels to fuel your motivation and power in the gym.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake comes from the popular diet pills brand, PhenQ. Hence, it expectedly apprehends the body dynamics and facilitates the transformation you have been struggling for. With added powers to boost protein synthesis, the formula also assists bodybuilders and mass gainers in quest of supreme strength.

The plant-based formula is receiving an overwhelming response from the public with dieters claiming it a much-awaited revolution. It has 60 Days Satisfaction Guarantee tallying more to its value and relief to the buyers new to the brand.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake: Pros and Cons

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake has recently stepped into the weight loss industry and is creating quite a buzz already. However, considering the novelty of its recipe, it is common for you to look for its sorted list of pros and cons.

Based on our in-depth knowledge and investigation on the product, we have come up with its positive and negative factors. For example:


  • It is a solid, nutritious meal that completely satisfies your taste buds

  • It serves as a replacement for 1 complete meal

  • It has two appetizing vanilla and chocolate flavors

  • It transports 24 essential vitamins and minerals to squeeze your waistline

  • It is friendly to every diet including Keto for its limited carbs and mere 269 calorie content

  • With 16 grams of vegan protein and 13 grams of nourish MCT oil, it takes your fitness game up a notch

  • Through an evidence-informed InnoSlim®, it budges the scale faster and better

  • It attacks and brings down the unwanted pounds by pacing metabolic activities

  • It controls hunger and helps with the growth in energy levels

  • It improves the performance of AMP-activated protein kinase response to multiply fat burning

  • It is an absolute natural, plant-derived formula that causes no side effects

  • The recipe is thoroughly tested and found effective by the experts

  • The user response from the public is extremely convincing

  • PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is covered with 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

  • It has no Shipping charges for any order around the world


  • The formula is only available in two flavors, which raises a need for more flavors for users

  • The product is not available at any retail shop except its official website

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PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Ingredients

The producers of Meal Shake have been crystal clean in divulging every ingredient incorporated in their recipe. As a matter of fact, they have gone the extra mile by mentioning the measured quantity of every ingredient so that you can evaluate the value with other Meal Shakes, as well as check if you are sensitive to any ingredient in any given dosages.

The ingredients of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake are:

  1. InnoSlim®- 250MG:

InnoSlim® is the power station of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake that is a clinically-proven fusion of Panax Notoginseng and Astragalus. According to research, the amalgamation has been found to encourage impressive long-term weight loss effects. It is a fresh discovery of NuLiv Science that has established its fat burning potentials through out-and-out investigations. These investigations advocate its ability to promote fat burning, control hunger, lower calorie consumption, and enhance the absorption of glucose. Furthermore, the experts claim that InnoSlim® gets its fat burning strength through up-regulating AMP-activated protein kinase. Basically, AMPK is the ‘key’ you need to normalize the efficiency and rate of a poor and sluggish metabolism

  1. 66 Ashwagandha®- 300MG KSM:

One of the most valuable and potent types of Aswagandha, 66 Ashwagandha plays a huge role in elevating your strength. Yes, it is one special agent that is largely sought by weight lifters to maximize their energy and physical power. It’s naturally equipped with stress relief capacity that not only favors post training recovery but also prevents stress binge eating

  1. Pea Protein- 12G:

The effects of Pea Protein for mass gainers or athletic performance can never be covered enough. With an abundance of lysine, iron, BCCAs, magnesium, and a great set of amino acids, Pea Protein can individually do what most of the performance enhancers fail to do. Firstly, it supports the production of lean mass, indicating that the Meal Shake does not lose your muscles but fats. Secondly, it improves digestion, accelerates basal metabolic rate, promotes satiety, and regulates blood sugar. Furthermore, people that have been supplemented with pea protein claim to experience less sugar cravings and overall decreased hunger

  1. MCT Coconut oil- 13G:

In addition to brain performance, MCT coconut oil has been found to uplift energy and endurance level. It stabilizes cholesterol and blood sugar while giving you the much-needed edge in weight management. Basically, the agent generates the feeling of fullness that supports your control on daily caloric intake. With better control comes better weight loss and weight handling results

  1. Reishi Mushroom- 100MG:

Since stress triggers the growth of cortisol, it largely disturbs your ability to restrict your food intake. Hence, dealing stress becomes important, especially when its aftermaths weaken your chances to fit in that ideal, healthy mould. Reishi Mushroom primarily works as an adaptogen, aiding the body to adjust to stress to prevent excessive consumption of calories. Not only that, it ignites energy levels and helps with better mental performance

  1. Linseed Flour- 11G:

This one comes with its higher nutritional value offering vitamins, fibers, minerals, and what not. In general, Linseed is extremely beneficial for healthy digestion or people with chronic constipation. And while its vitamins and minerals keep your gastrointestinal tract hale and hearty, its fiber keeps you full and satisfied

So these were some key ingredients adding taste and efficacy to PhenQ Complete Meal Shake. Ingredients that take it potency to one step further are brown rice protein and oxidants-filled Hemp Protein.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake – How it works?

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake has a multi-faceted mechanism to help you the way no Meal Shake does. It focuses to satisfy your urge to consume a delectable meal while giving you the nutrients to ensure optimum health. But aside from satisfaction and a stronger grip on the improvement of health, the formula aims long-term fitness.

  • Generates Satiety:

To attain fitness or say, shake off the excess weight, the dedicated Meal Shake allows its fiber to promote satiety. Satiety is a state, a feeling that is characterized by the satisfaction you experience when your stomach is full. A scoop or two mixed into 8-16 oz. of water is enough to swap 1 absolute meal and encourage the feeling of fullness that can keep you from calories for longer than you expect

  • Manages Stress:

Constant worry is one solid cause behind weight gain and the failure to achieve fitness. While it may sound insignificant to some, its effects are extensive enough to upset every area of your health. Stress boosts the production of the stress hormone cortisol and cortisol fuels the metabolism of carb and fat. This reaction leads to the boost in hunger and higher desire to binge sweet, fatty, and salty food items. PhenQ Complete Meal Shake targets and deals with stress through its adaptogens that support the body to adjust to stress. Through this ideal approach, it manages to keep the appetite low- and you on the right track

  • Sets metabolism in motion:

It pays a stronger focus on activating metabolism. A smooth metabolism is the answer to a balanced weight as it signifies the way our body deals with fats. Interestingly, the manufacturers narrate this boost in metabolism as the ‘switch’ that is conducted through activating a unique enzyme. This enzyme is called AMP-activated protein kinase. Basically, the response of this enzyme decelerates with age or when we choose poor lifestyle choices over healthy. Consequently, our natural tendency to burn and trash fats out of our system becomes frail, the end result of which is of course, the constant increase in weight and the drop in energy levels. PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is engineered to strengthen this response. Through this, the energy stimulates the cells to waste the unwanted fat, favoring your energy and transformation all the way.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Benefits

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is an absolute key to a healthy and well-shaped body. And unlike the other Meal Shakes belonging to its category, its promises are neither unrealistic nor impossible. When followed with quality diets like intermittent fasting and Keto, it can change the weight loss dynamics for you. Benefits that are expected to come along with PhenQ Complete Meal Shake are:

  1. It is a delectable, ‘eat on the go’ meal replacement that effortlessly adjusts to your lifestyle

  2. It is all about essential nutrients while walking to the route to a transformed body

  3. It slashes off the excess pounds that are stubborn enough to leave

  4. It creates the feeling of fullness to control the consumption of calories

  5. It heightens up energy for extreme fat loss trainings

  6. It supports lean muscle growth and strength

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Side Effects

Apart from the convenience and efficacy, PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is also receiving appreciation for being organic, health-friendly and safe. Yes, since the formula is a composition of botanical ingredients with no gluten, dairy products, and nut, it goes easy on everyone keen to incorporate the Meal Shake in the fitness regimen. Furthermore, the product is made to suit vegans and people following any diet, with Keto being more specific.

Who can use PhenQ Complete Meal Shake?

The formula is a treat for anyone craving for something fulfilling, yet healthy and compliant to the fitness goals. The smartly picked ingredients that make PhenQ Complete Meal Shake an absolute success are extremely effective for the slimming purpose. Hence, the formula can go along with every dieter serious about adjusting to a healthy body frame.

More specifically, if you are following your goals the ‘keto way’, don’t be surprised if the meal replacement works wonders for you. Every serving supply a mere 5 grams of carbs while 3 grams of natural sugar. This makes every portion of the Meal Shake extremely safe and adjustable in every diet including Keto. With calculated portion of good fats and MCT oil, the dieters gain as much as nutritional value as possible. In simple words, PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is everything but boring like your regular meals.

In most cases, the results associated with the formula kick in a matter of weeks. In some, it takes 90-180 days for the users to enjoy what they have invested for. But regardless of the case, users are advised to follow a complete 3 months course for the ingredients to fully absorb and generate maximum results.

How to use PhenQ Complete Meal Shake for Weight Loss?

Every bag is packed with 9 servings that make a surefire replacement for 9 times meals. To prepare it, take milk, water, or any beverage measuring between 300-400ml. Now blend 1-2 scoops of the natural blend avoiding sugar in any form or shape. The shake is now ready to serve as a delectable, satisfying meal that you can take for at least once and maximum 3 times every day.

Where to buy PhenQ Complete Meal Replacement Shake?

The genuine recipe of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is available on its official website in the following deals:

  • One-time purchase:

One time purchase of the product costs $83.34 that provides you 2 bags of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake. However, you can add in another bag for a mere price of $36.66 that makes a recommended cycle of 3 months course by its manufacturers. As you add more and more, the price goes further down

  • Subscribe and save:

It facilitates you a whopping 10% saving on your order when you choose to subscribe

Money Back guarantee

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is backed by 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. Thus, unhappy customers can visit the official manufacturers of the product and claim their price. In addition, the product is shipped worldwide with free workout guides without any delivery charges. Overall, PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is through and thorough value.


This brings an end to our write-up based on the authentic and unbiased information on the emerging Meal Shake. So if you feel catching up with life while keeping up with your taste buds, gut health and fitness is becoming more than complex, it’s high time you give this progressive, meal replacement approach a much-needed shot.