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First responders express the need for better access to injured parties at Chimney Bluffs

Chimney Bluffs is one of the most popular outdoor areas in the Town of Wolcott, drawing in people daily for hiking.

Due to flooding in 2017 and 2019, the shoreline has been pushed from erosion.

Over time the shoreline has been pushed back almost one hundred feet, prompting the addition of new trails and an extended bridge.

Signs and fencing are added to where areas have become dangerous.

The issue is that many hikers choose to ignore the warnings, forcing first responders to intervene.

A lot of the equipment used to rescue people cannot fit or go where hikers get stuck, resulting in first responders needing to physically go in and get the person.

The first responders have suggestions that would help them be able to rescue those who venture into areas they shouldn’t.

One suggestion is placing markers on trails to show position and GPS coordinates, making it easier to locate the person in need. Another suggestion is clearing the beach of debris so rescue equipment fits.

Gaining access is the biggest issue, and if someone were to fall off a cliff, the only way to get them out would be by boat in the water.

Recently a woman with a broken leg had to be carried out and it took over an hour. If someone has a more serious health issue they may not make it in that amount of time.