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Lafayette historical marker dedication set for Wednesday afternoon in Waterloo

Wednesday afternoon, a state historical marker will be dedicated at Lafayette Park in Waterloo.

Lafayette visited Waterloo on a farewell tour

The Finger Lakes Times reports the marker will be dedicated at the site where French Major General Lafayette stopped in Waterloo in 1825 as he traveled from Syracuse to Rochester on a farewell tour at the invitation of President James Monroe and the United States Congress. Lafayette had aided the American revolution as a 19-year-old French soldier.

Similar makers have been dedicated at 90 locations Lafayette visited during his farewell tour. The Waterloo marker also commemorates the death of Captain Jehiel Parsons of Waterloo, who was killed when a swivel gun announcing Lafayette’s arrival exploded.

The special guest speaker at the dedication will be 28-year-old French national Julien Pierre Icher, president of The Lafayette Trail Inc. Also speaking at the dedication will be Seneca County Historian Walt Gable and Seneca County Manager Mitch Rowe. Representatives of the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will also be on hand.

The 3 p.m. ceremonies will be open to the public.