10 best sites to buy TikTok followers in 2021

How do you get more followers on the most popular social media platform today? TikTok is booming at an unprecedented rate, surpassing even the veteran platforms such as Facebook and Instagram in growth rate.

The downside of it? You are likely to get skipped over and remain stuck in an invisible space and be powerless to prevent it. However, there are ways. Ten ways, to be more precise. Read on to find out.

TikTok is all the rage at the moment. It is crazy, fashionable, and provides a creative output for hundreds of millions of users.

Its trademark is whacky content that can be posted by anyone, without any special requirements. It is mostly devoid of heavy stuff and serious topics, leaving positive, light-hearted topics in the spotlight.

Whether it is because of this or something else, youngsters literally race each other to congregate and consume content on TikTok.

And with more than a billion accounts registered globally, TikTok is a market ripe for taking, no matter your niche, industry, or target group.

But it can be tough to start. You can have an amazing idea, a genius vision of your name or brand, register and post content, only to find that it has been in vain since there is no one to see it.

The classic big social media platform gig and an endless no-popularity loop for those unlucky enough not to know about an alternative.

But there are alternatives. There are sites out there that have dedicated themselves to helping out struggling content creators reach what is rightfully theirs.

Carefully selected among pretty tough competition, here are 10 best sites to buy TikTok followers!

Best Sites to Buy TikTok followers


With TokUpgrade, upgrading your TikTok has never been easier! While not exactly a site to buy TikTok followers from, TokUpgrade still has its ways to boost your followers count and explode your community.

So, what is TokUpgrade? It is a manual growth service, one that provides dedicated account management that can revolutionize your TikTok presence.

By thoroughly optimizing and overhauling aspects of your promotional campaign, such as by narrowing down your ideal follower representation and honing the marketing precision of your posts, these dedicated account managers can empower your posts to attract several times more followers than before!

So yeah, you do not buy TikTok followers with TokUpgrade, but you do buy the use of services that deliver followers continuously and organically, suddenly leaving you with a lot more free time at your hands! We sure would know how to use that if we had it, alright!

TokUpgrade guarantees growth, but also safety of your TikTok account and the privacy of all your data.

You should not worry about your account slipping out of your control because you are still in charge, with every major overhaul requiring your approval.

The use of TokUpgrade does not break TikTok terms of agreement at all, and your presence can grow without you ever having to log in again!

But please do, at least just to see how much you have grown with this awesome service.


Going strong with organic growth and manual automation, Toksocial is yet another prime example of how you do not need to buy followers to get more followers.

Real growth with Toksocial comes from naturally obtaining TikTok followers, without bots, spams, or fake accounts.

In fact, none of your followers will ever know that they have been “bought”! Users attracted this way approach your content with genuine interest, and this is where the key component of manual organic growth lies.

With Toksocial, you get dedicated account managers who have been dealing with social media challenges for years.

Having a keen sense of TikTok mechanics, they have the ability to magnetize your TikTok videos with laser-precise targeting, in-depth niche analysis, reinventing posting schedule, and much, much more.

All your content, whether posted before or in the future, will get to benefit from this streamlining of your TikTok campaigns.

All this with you being elsewhere! Toksocial really combines the best of intuitive human touch and social media growth automation.

Getting started is pretty simple. All you have to do is contact them, answer a couple of questions that are related to your future campaign, and you are done. The real growth can begin.



A quickly growing social media sometimes requires lightning-fast answers in order to snag the audience and satisfy our algorithm overlords. In those moments, UseViral is just the perfect solution.

UseViral is one of the best sites to buy active and real TikTok followers. They have been in the business for so long, achieved mastery in so many social media platforms, and their reputation is pretty much spotless.

This translates into super efficient quality of service, top-tier followers that come with active accounts, as well very quick delivery that allows you to stay ahead of your competition.

Besides followers, UseViral provides you with video views and likes as well.

All their services come as pretty affordable, especially for the grade of quality that they come in. In other words, UseViral has some of the best quality to price ratio on the market.

These guys can beat the algorithm in your name, bring unprecedented growth to your TikTok presence, and snap you out of the zero-popularity loop. What more could we ever ask from a social media marketing service?

For as low as $2.99 per 100 followers in their most popular package, UseViral can help you achieve your TikTok stardom. Now that is how you make a service attractive and popular! Kudos!


When you need some followers on the side for your favorite social media platform, SidesMedia is the site you should be looking for!

A social media marketing giant, SidesMedia has is at home with more than 10 major social media out there.

Years of experience in the industry, all the way back from Twitter to the currently rising Clubhouse, means that not only will you get real followers by the means of natural growth, but you will also get overpowered followers that will bring quality engagement to your soon-to-be-viral content. Talk about efficiency!

When it comes to TikTok, these active followers will reach your account within 24-48 hours maximum.

That is pretty quick by the standards of the industry, which means that you can achieve that much-needed jump in the number of followers immediately!

With SidesMedia, you can start rolling out your content and achieve that visibility that you have been looking for in just two days.

This is exactly why SidesMedia remains a required item on most best sites to buy TikTok followers lists.

Add to this a rock-solid guarantee that your account will never get disabled or removed due to their services and a refill-guarantee if the amount of followers received gets lower, and you get a superb service that you can rely on, always.

Good job, SidesMedia!


Sail ahoy, captain! If TikTok is tempestuous seas for you, then getting yourself a guiding hand to steer you towards the harbor sure is the best course of action, right?

Well, you might as well recruit the best captain there is, TokCaptain!

TokCaptain’s auspicious winds bring more TikTok followers for cheap & inexpensive prices in custom-sized packages.

Yes, of course, you can get more likes, views, and comments as well, but followers are the main deal here so let us stick with that.

TokCaptain knows how TikTok works. After all, they have been swaying on the ebbs and flows of the fashionable social media platform since it has dawned.

You just have to pick your service (you can pick between basic and premium followers) and you are good to go!

The exposure of your content will surge and like a surprise storm you will suddenly be getting a massive amount of recognition and organically sourced followers even if you spent weeks stranded somewhere on the open waters of unpopularity!

Let not the anchors hold you at bay! Opt for TokCaptain and start your cruise towards the ocean where big catches lurk!

In non-nautical words, TokCaptain is one of the best sites to buy active and real TikTok followers. Try them out!


SocialViral brings a whole nother dimension to the term “quick delivery”. How quick do you think your followers should be delivered? Well, SocialViral delivers within 12 hours!

Now that is the quickest that the market can support right now. Imagine the maneuverability of that order–you can quickly adapt to pretty much every curveball that your niche throws at you and stand right at the top of it!

And these followers are not only quick, but high-quality as well! Social-Viral offers only real followers that lead active TikTok social lives and actively contribute to the virality of your content.

For the price going as low as $2.99 per 50 followers you can have active members of your community, and that is practically a steal!

SocialViral is perfectly legal and perfectly safe to use. As with other cases on this list of 10 best sites to buy TikTok followers, you do not have to fear repercussions because you never leave the domain signed in the terms of agreement with TikTok.

Since these guys never deal with fakes, scams, and bots, you will get viral, but remain safe. We all know 2021 needs that, so bravo, SocialViral!

Media Mister

Yet another contender for the title of the best site to buy TikTok followers in 2021, Media Mister has evolved to establish a foothold in 24 major social media platforms!

The sheer size of their networks stands as a testament to their skills and logistics when it comes to sourcing real followers, likes, views, saves, and various other relevant metrics for all these sites.

Do not let their sprawling size fool you, the people for Media Mister have been upholding their standards everywhere, all this time.

More than 50,000 satisfied clients vouch for their efficiency and quality of service. In those 50,000 satisfied clients, there have been zero account suspensions or restrictions. Safety and proficiency!

Likes, comments, shares, views, and followers: all this can be arranged for your growing TikTok needs. As you have probably guessed, all the followers are real, the metrics relevant, and authentic growth gets guaranteed.

In fact, Media Mister goes as far as to guarantee money back within 30 days of purchase in case of you being dissatisfied with the service you purchased. Sounds pretty reassuring, sure!

Media Mister? More like Media Master! Shoutout to these awesome people and feel free to check them out!


With hundreds of thousands of delivered orders in less than 5 years, Followersup have amassed quite a repository of knowledge and expertise in the social media marketing business.

But what makes them one of the best sites to buy TikTok followers in 2021? Put simply, it is the degree of efficiency with which they deliver real, active, and naturally sourced followers to your TikTok account.

They have also invested lots of resources to make ordering at their site look like the simplest thing in the world! You have a slider, you scroll it, stop at the desired number and get the price listed out.

So simple, yet so effective!

Two clicks and a slide and you are done. Within hours, your delivery will start to deploy. Within a day or so, it will be fully delivered.

But also, in order to further simplify the whole ordeal, they have implemented auto-likes and auto-views.

No more orders for each and every post: designate the number of likes and views for each new post and experience the benefits of automation coupled with direct purchase of TikTok followers!

Oh, it is the small things that get to us, really. Spot on, Followersup!


PlentyGram! Wait, that sounds a lot like Instagram, and I need TikTok followers?

Well, these guys have decided to share the fruits of their labor to other social media platforms, which gave birth to their TikTok branch! As all economists know, it is always a smart move to diversify!

The PlentyGram crew brings real followers and views in such a way that it behaves as authentic, unsimulated growth.

The results? As if a bunch of red flags fluttered on your account and the algorithm is a bull, your content will get locked on and promoted more than ever before.

This is how true masters of social media operate: instead of stacking numbers, you make those elements that hindered you now work in your favor.

With its delivery deadline being 12 hours (for smaller deliveries, more time needed for those on the big side), PlentyGram is blazing fast.

The support service does not lag behind and is available 24/7. And one more thing, PlentyGram offers free refills for 30 days after the order in case something unforeseen occurs.

They have managed to convince us, so we tested and verified their quality. No need to convince us more, we are bought!

Feed Pixel

Think quirky and colorful unicorns that give free TikTok likes, shares, followers, fans, and views do not exist and are just a product of our fancy? You better think again because visiting their site is all it takes to prove us right!

But before you go you better prepare to be swept from your feet by Pixel, their adorable unicorn mascot that colored the whole place into an irresistibly attractive aesthetic.

If you ask us, we would keep buying their followers just to see more of that gorgeous sight!

Bright colors and a pretty face is not the only thing that they offer, though.

As the people who run one of the best sites to buy TikTok followers in 2021, they provide you with top-tier followers as well, they deliver quickly, and their service supports you during all phases of your order.

In case you need more conviction, the mythical creature of our childhood dreams will offer you free samples of pretty much everything they offer. Pleased with the service? Get more! Not your cup of tea? Pass it on.

But we have still to meet those who met Pixel and decided to pass it on. Consider that a warning–it is incredibly cute!


What does it take to launch you into top TikTok ranks? Creativity, a bit of wackiness, and hard work. But is it enough? In some cases, certainly not.

As we said, a good idea and a quick hand sometimes just doesn’t cut it. Social media works in mysterious ways and promotional algorithms sometimes just pass you over.

People as well make weird creatures and tend not to believe their eyes when they stumble upon something good if there aren’t already people who have stumbled upon it before them.

It is just a part of who we are. This is where these superb sites to buy TikTok followers come into place.

Their methods may diverge, their offers can differ, but one common trait that they all share is that they work. All of these also uphold all safety and privacy protection standards as well.

These people will not leave you in a tough spot, but work with you to help you achieve your dreams.

It is the most we can ask them from. And it is certainly enough for us to progress towards our dreams. And remember, whichever you pick, you won’t be making a mistake.