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Local leaders react as Constellation Brands takes HQ from Victor to Rochester

Constellation Brands is on the move.

Officials confirmed the move on Tuesday, and expected more information to be released from the company and state officials in the coming days.

What do we know about the Constellation Brands move?

The company will relocate its headquarters from the town of Victor to downtown Rochester. While a significant blow to Ontario County – the move is a massive win for officials in Rochester – as the company takes over the Aqueduct Building on East Broad Street.

The company will takeover the entire complex, which is located in one of the busiest spots downtown.

At this point, no specifics have been released on how many jobs would relocate from Ontario County to Rochester. But some forecasts indicate that as many as 350 of them could be moved to the city.

What are local officials saying about Constellation’s move?

Victor Town Supervisor Jack Marren told News10NBC that he learned of the Constellation move about three weeks ago. “Certainly we’re pleased during the time that we had Constellation here. Significant hole to fill no question about that,” he said of the move. “Hats off to the City of Rochester. Disappointment in Ontario County.”

As for the prospect of Ontario County retaining Constellation Brands – Marren doesn’t believe they were going to be swayed.

“I think their minds were made up,” he added to News10NBC. “They saw certainly a significant benefit going to the downtown Rochester area, and my understanding again I haven’t read everything about it, but my understanding some stated incentives as well.”

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