Arts industry ponders return to venue-based entertainment

One industry that has been almost decimated by the current pandemic is the creative arts. The arts industry is financially vulnerable and relies heaving on revenue from on-site entertainment gate-takings and food and beverage consumptions. Many people all over the world travel large distances to attend live creative arts events ranging from film festivals, cultural exhibition shows and live stand-up comedy. These kind of activities require a live audience to spice up the atmosphere and companies rake in millions from attendances. Thus, the performing arts have suffered severe financial setbacks and efforts are currently being made to resuscitate this arts and culture sector by gradually re-introducing on-site live entertainment in front of large audiences. However, there is a disclaimer, or rather a condition to the return of venue-based entertainment in that only the fully vaccinated individuals will be able to attend the live shows. In the meantime, people can continue watching virtual arts performances from the comfort of their homes or possibly undertake new hobbies such reviewing and playing casino games available at online casino real money games.

The slow pace of vaccination especially among the poorer nations in the third world such as African nations will take a long time for venue-based entertainment to return. This is due to the slow rate of vaccination and the resistance by locals because of their various cultural and superstitious beliefs. This also means that even the arts performers in the third world will be affected more financially because there is no clear timeline for the return to normalcy so that they can practise their trade. Virtual performances have not been well-received in the third world countries. However, alternative forms of entertainment such as casinos and poker games can be viewed on best Australian online casino review website.

It is also important to note that tourism has also suffered as a result of the closure of venue-based arts and cultural festivities. Many tourists travel all over the world in order to experience new and diverse cultures through music, dance, creative and digital arts and other local festivities that enable them to ingratiate themselves with local people.