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How I Gained 15 Pounds Of Muscle In Just 12 Weeks Using The Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids..Whaaat?! How is this possible?

I shook my head in disbelief as I looked in the mirror.

I had just spent the past 3 months giving it everything I had at the gym and barely gained 2 pounds.

All that hard work and I looked the same as when I started.

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I’m a 27 year old staff accountant so I spend most of my time at a desk with a calculator.

It’s been a dream of mine to get in shape and build muscle for a long time so I finally took some action but I just couldn’t seem to get any good results.

Well, we’ve been looking into a company called Crazy Bulk that sells a line of legal steroids and fitness supplements on their website here.

I’d follow diet plans and workout routines but after months I’d still not look that great.

A friend of mine is in great shape, he gets all the girls and he looks like he could be on the homepage of but he uses steroids..

So after failing to build any real muscle for a long time I got home from the gym one day, got my ipad out and went to the dark side of Google..

Yep, I Google “how to use steroids”..

Well I came across a bunch of forums and on one of them I saw a post from a guy recommending the Crazy Bulk legal steroid supplements.

So I did a lot of research and to be honest I was quite skeptical but there seemed to be quite a few positive reviews for it.

I was going to consider it for a few days but after a few glasses of wine I ended up buying the 8 week bulking stack that same night.

It consists of:

  • D-Bal
  • DecaDuro
  • Trenorol
  • Testo Max

Thankfully they arrived quickly a couple days later because I hate waiting for stuff.

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I also picked up a copy of the Body Beast program which basically gives you a diet and workout program to follow if you want to bulk up and build muscle.

I’ll talk about the Body Beast program in another post though.

Anyway the day after they arrived I got started with the CrazyBulk supplements and Body Beast program.

By the way on the Body Beast program I ate an extra 750 calories per day above maintenance and my macros were 25% protein, 50% carbs and 25% fats.

I tried to eat clean most of the time with as little junk food as possible. I’m no saint though and I did eat my fair share of crap though, just saying.

Anyway, back to Crazy Bulk..

To be honest at first I didn’t notice any changes from taking them.

I guess they needed a while to kick in because a few days later I noticed things start to happen..

  • I felt stronger and started lifting heavier.
  • I had more energy.
  • My conditioning was a lot better. I started doing double sessions of the Body Beast workouts. I.e when the workout was over I would start them again!
    And I was recovering super fast. Even though I was lifting heavier and working out for longer I had no soreness at all. I felt fresh all the time.

Working out and lifting weights actually became fun again. And after every workout I looked extremely pumped up.

After just a few weeks I was pretty shocked at the changes I was seeing.

When I looked in the mirror I thought. “What the eff”. I was just getting bigger and looking ripped so fast.

People at work were like.. “Damn, have you been lifting weights?”

Over the 8 weeks that I was using the bulking stack I progressed so fast that I would be upping my weights every week.

I was getting bigger and stronger faster than I thought possible without using real steroids.

When I started with the Crazy Bulk supplements I weighed about 150 pounds and after just 8 weeks I weighed 181 pounds.

So I had gained about 31 pounds but of course not all of it was muscle some of it was fat, grrr.

So this brought me onto phase 2. Time to burn some fat.

So then I bought the Crazy Bulk cutting stack which consists of:

  • Anvarol
  • Testo Max
  • Clenbutrol
  • Winsol

I cut my calories by about 750 per day and carried on with Body Beast but I also ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day at the end of the workout.

I also worked out on an empty stomach when I was cutting to help burn fat quicker.

Despite eating less calories I still felt like I had plenty of energy because the Crazy Bulk supplements.

When I started using the cutting stack, eating less and working out I just noticed the fat start to shrink very fast.

After every workout I noticed I had less fat and the muscle was becoming more visible every day.

By the time I had ran out of the cutting stack I just looked like a completely different person.

I went from having no muscle and looking average to just being ripped and muscular.

The cool thing is that I completely changed my physique in less than 12 weeks.

8 weeks of bulking and 4 weeks of cutting and the time went by super fast.

I never expected to get these kind of results so quickly without using real steroids.

Since I’ve used Crazy Bulk and Body Beast to build some muscle I’ve found that:

  • I have way more confidence.
  • I wear nicer clothes.
  • My skin is better since getting in shape and eating better.
  • I have way more energy.
  • I look better.
  • I stand straighter.
  • I get a lot more women.
  • People have more respect for me and treat me better.

It’s weird but after gaining some muscle I find that a lot more people want to be friends with me and I get a LOT more attention from the ladies.

Plus I feel a lot more confident and outgoing so I have to say a big thanks to Crazy Bulk because thanks to their products I feel like my life is 10 times better than it was before.

Just recently 2 hot girls just came up to me and started talking to me and asking me if I workout which is something that’s never happened before.

So building some muscle has been one of the best things I’ve ever done!

I’ve got a vacation later this year to Ibiza so I can’t wait to hit the beach!

I would recommend the 8 week bulking stack and then 4-8 weeks of the cutting stack depending on how much fat you need to burn.

I think I’ll probably do another bulk and cut using Crazy Bulk in the future but for now I’m thrilled with my results and how I feel.

All I did was use the bulking stack, follow a workout program and eat an extra 750 calories per day and after 12 weeks I looked and felt amazing.

Honestly I’ve never used real steroids so I can’t compare but all I can say is that the Crazy Bulk legal steroids are pretty awesome.

So yeah, I’d definitely recommend you give it a go. I also recommend the Body Beast program.

I like it because it gives you a solid workout program to follow and also gives you a diet plan to follow.

So that’s how I came to use these legal steroids Now onto..

My Crazy Bulk Results

When I started using the Crazy Bulk supplements I weighed around 150lbs. At the end of the bulking phase I was around 181lbs so I gained about 30 pounds in 3 months.

It wasn’t all muscle though so I did a cutting phase.

At the end of the cutting phase I was a lean 165 pounds so overall I gained about 15 pounds of muscle thanks to Crazy Bulk legal steroids.

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I recommend the bulking stack but if I had to choose just one of their products for building muscle it would be D-Bal.

As well as building muscle I’ve noticed some other positive changes too.

  • For a start I’m in much better shape and I feel a lot healthier and leaner.
  • I’m a lot stronger both mentally and physically. There’s something about pumping iron that really helps clear the mind and build confidence.
  • I have a lot more energy and stamina. I feel a lot more athletic.
  • I find myself wanting to wear nicer clothes because I have more self esteem.
  • And I’m also more popular these days. People at work who never talked to me before all of a sudden want to meet up after work etc.
  • My boss is a lot nicer to me too. Has even asked me for workout tips lol. I can feel a promotion in the works.

And I just find it a lot easier to talk to people when I’m out and about and I get asked a lot, “Hey, do you workout?!”

It’s amazing what getting in shape and building some muscle will do for you.

So yeah, I’m a big fan of Crazy Bulk now and would recommend them to anyone who wants to build muscle and just improve themselves. Get The Best Legal Steroids

What Are The Crazy Bulk Supplements And What Do They Do?

In this section I’m going to talk about all of the supplements that they offer and what they do.

If you’re not familiar with the Crazy Bulk supplements then basically they are legal steroids made up of ingredients that aren’t harmful but try to replicate what you would get from using real steroids.

Now personally I have never used real steroids but from what I have heard the Crazy Bulk supplements are about 75% as effective as using real steroids.

Obviously nothing is as effective as injecting real testosterone but the Crazy Bulk legal steroid supplements are almost as effective without the scary side effects that you may get from using the real stuff.

Plus you don’t need any needles!

So here’s their product list and what they all do:

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Starting with their bulking products..

D-BAL My #1 Choice For Bulking.

So D-BAL is a legal alternative to DIANABOL which is an anabolic steroid that helps you build a lot of muscle fast.

The D-BAL supplement is one of Crazy Bulks best sellers. It works by helping your muscles retain more nitrogen. By holding more nitrogen your muscles can build more protein cells and grow muscle a lot faster and build strength.

D-BAL helps to:

  • Build muscle.
  • Increase strength and stamina.
  • Recover faster.

I actually think D-BAL is one of the best products that Crazy Bulk sell.


If you know anything about steroids then you’ve probably heard of Trenbolone because it’s one of the most popular and effective anabolic steroids of all time.

The Crazy Bulk supplement Trenorol tries to mimic what Trenbolone does safely.

It helps: Get The Best Legal Steroids

  • Build muscle.
  • Increase vascularity.
  • Helps with recovery.
  • Another thing it does is deliver more oxygen to your muscles during workouts to help improve conditioning meaning you can lift more for longer making your workouts more effective.
  • It also helps to burn fat as well so most of your gains will be muscle with little fat.

Trenorol enhances protein synthesis and nitrogen retention like D-BAL does to build muscle.

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Anadrole is based on the steroid ANADROL which basically helps the body produce more red blood cells which carries more oxygen around the body.

With more oxygen flowing to the muscles this means you can lift heavier and for longer and recover faster.

Now personally I haven’t actually used Anadrole by Crazy Bulk because it’s not in their bulking or cutting stack.

But I can see how it would be effective because if you can lift heavier and workout longer then this will make your workouts more effective.

Testo Max

Testo Max is an alternative to a steroid called Sustanon which is used to increase your testosterone levels.

The main ingredient is tribulus terrestris which is scientifically proven to increase testosterone.

This one pretty much does it all. Increases muscle mass and speeds up recovery time.



The Crazy Bulk supplement DecaDuro is based on a steroid called Deca Durabolin and it is basically a good all round legal steroid supplement.

It increases nitrogen retention and protein synthesis which means you can build more muscle faster and it also increases red blood cell count which sends more oxygen around the body meaning you can workout for longer and recover faster.

Another thing that DecaDuro does which I like is increases collagen production which helps soothe joints and tendons and I noticed that I definitely felt younger and didn’t have so many aches after taking this.


HGH-X2 is an alternative to Somatropin and helps to release more HGH (Human Growth Hormone) into the bloodstream from the pituitary gland.

HGH is naturally occurring in the body. Increasing your HGH levels will stimulate muscle growth and burn fat.

So basically it helps to build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Now I haven’t used HGH-X2 yet but I’ve heard that it’s good.

So those are the ones to use if you want to build muscle. If I were to recommend just one of the Crazy Bulk products for building muscle then I would say buy the D-BAL Legal Steroids GNC here.

But if you’re serious about getting the best results then I would recommend the bulking stack because I just know from personal experience that it works.

So now let’s move on to the Crazy Bulk supplements used for cutting..


Anvarol is an alternative to Anavar and is used to burn fat and retain muscle at the same time.

It also increases energy levels so you can get a good workout it which can be quite hard sometimes when you’re low on calories and trying to burn fat.

Whenever I tried cutting before I would hate working out because I was low on calories and would just get tired but after taking this I had the energy and endurance to lift and I didn’t feel like I was sacrificing any strength or muscle to burn fat because the Anvarol helped me retain the muscle.

I was very impressed with Anavar Results which you can get here. Get The Best Legal Steroids


Winsol is an alternative to Winstrol and is another one of Crazy Bulks cutting supplements.

Just like Anvarol it helps to burn fat and retain muscle but it also helps to get rid of stubborn water weight too which can give you that pudgy look.

It also has a good dose of the amino acid Acetyl l-carnitine which is great for retaining lean muscle while cutting.

Clenbutrol My #1 Choice For Cutting!

Clenbutrol is an alternative to Clenbuterol. It’s basically a thermogenic fat burner that helps to increase your BMR.

This causes your metabolism to rise and something called thermogenic burn also occurs where your body actually burns more fat than it normally would.

This helps you to burn through your stored body fat and get ripped fast.

Another thing that Clenbutrol does is to increase oxygen flow helping you to workout for longer so you can burn more calories.

Out of the Crazy Bulk cutting range if I were to only choose one product I would recommend the Clenbutrol as it’s a good all round product that will help you to burn fat fast and retain muscle.

Personally though I just went for the cutting stack. It’s more expensive but it’s worth it to get the best results possible.


The Crazy Bulk cutting stack

And not forgetting..

NO2 Max

The first time around I didn’t use NO2 Max for bulking or cutting but I actually bought it recently and have been using it for a few days and I really like it.

It’s a nitric oxide booster which helps to increase blood and oxygen flow during your workout. I’ve found my pumps are awesome on this.

It really does give you a better workout.

Since I’ve finished with the bulking and cutting I just find that when I workout after taking NO2 Max that it really helps me to get a good workout and a good pump going which helps to keep my gains.

It makes me feel energized and alert. The next time I do a bulk and cut I’ll definitely be using NO2 Max.

It would be cool if they added it to their stacks because right now you have to buy it separately.

Anyway that’s all that Crazy Bulk have to offer. I’ve said it a few times now that I recommend the bulking and cutting stacks for the best results but if money is a bit tight right now then I recommend D-BAL for bulking and Clenbutrol for cutting.

Now let’s look at.. Crazy Bulk legal steroids

The Crazy Bulk Pros & Cons

~ Let’s start with the Cons.

First of all I may be biased because the Crazy Bulk legal steroids worked so well for me but I’m going to do my best to be objective.

So there’s 2 cons I can think of..

  • Not as effective as real steroids: So the truth is that they’re just not as effective as their real steroid counterparts and if your goal is to compete as a bodybuilder and get that HUGE look then you’re probably going to need to skip Crazy Bulk and go for the real thing.
  • The price: These supplements aren’t the cheapest thing in the world. Although they’re worth it and they do work I ended up spending over $600 on the bulking and cutting stacks. I guess you get what you pay for at the end of the day because my end results were good and I don’t regret buying them but I’d love it if they were cheaper..

~ The Crazy Bulk pros..

  • They work: The main thing I can say is that they work. I was struggling to build any muscle but after I started taking these legal steroids I just started building muscle and seeing changes faster than I thought possible.
  • Cheaper than genuine steroids: Even though the Crazy Bulk stuff is pretty expensive it’s still cheaper than the real stuff.
  • No needles: Enough said!
  • Get almost the same results as steroids: Although they’re not quite as effective as real steroids I did get a few people ask me if I “was on the juice” a few weeks after I started taking them and getting results. That’s because they work fast. In fact my own Mom asked me if I was taking steroids ha ha.
  • They’re safe: All of the ingredients in the Crazy Bulk supplements are natural alternatives to real steroids so although they’re effective at helping you build muscle they also won’t mess you up like real steroids will.
  • The gains are permanent: With real steroids from what I can gather the gains seem to be temporary but with Crazy Bulk the supplements help you build real muscle so the gains won’t go away after you stop taking their products. At least that’s what they say on their website. However it’s early days so I’ll need to give it a while to see if I lose my gains or not..
  • UPDATE: It’s been over 3 months since I originally wrote this review and so far I haven’t lost any of my gains!

You can actually feel them working: To be honest for the first couple days I didn’t notice any changes and I thought I’d wasted my money but after a couple days I could really feel them working. I’d have way more energy, I’d get massive pumps during the workout, I could lift heavier and I felt a lot stronger. Before I started taking them I’d get tired after about 45 minutes of lifting and then go hit the showers but after I started taking the Crazy Bulk supplements I pushed way past 45 minutes and before I knew it I was lifting for almost 2 hours and I’d just feel like a beast at the end of the workout. So yeah you can just feel it working and the results happen quick.

  • End result = More muscle: I was someone who was struggling to build muscle for a long time. I was doing my best to follow workout routines and eat right but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t seem to make any progress. Well the best thing I can say about Crazy Bulk is that it actually helped me to build muscle and cut fat. I didn’t want to use real steroids and I was skeptical that they would even work but after using them for 3 months I’m a believer.

Honestly though, you need to combine them with a good workout plan.

Personally I used Body Beast by Beach Body but I’ve also heard good things about the free workout programs they offer.

I also ate about 750 calories extra per day and lots of protein and carbs to help build mass.

If you combine Crazy Bulk with a solid workout program and eat right then damn, you will build muscle fast.


So those are the pros and cons now I’m going to try and answer some of the frequently asked questions I’ve seen asked online.

The Crazy Bulk FAQs

  • Will I lose my gains if I stop taking them? This was a worry of mine too. On their website they say that you can maintain your gains if you continue to train and eat right. So far it’s been 3 months since I stopped taking them and I haven’t lost any of my gains so I would say yes the gains are permanent unlike with real steroids where it’s common knowledge that you’ll lose your gains after you cycle off.
  • Are they real steroids? No, although they will help you build muscle and burn fat like a steroid they are made up of natural ingredients that try to mimic what a steroid would do.
  • How long will it take to see results? Personally it took me a couple days to notice a difference and then after a few weeks I started to see big changes and muscle growth. Then it just continued from there. So I would say you’ll see results after 2-3 weeks but you’ll feel the effects within days.
  • Are they safe to take? Personally I didn’t notice any negative side effects and because they’re made up of natural ingredients I would say they are very safe to take. So far I’ve not heard of anyone having any negative side effects from the Crazy Bulk products.
  • Do I need to exercise to build muscle while using these supplements? Yes! You can’t just take them and build muscle. You need to actually lift weights as well!
  • What sort of results can I get using the Crazy Bulk legal steroids? Using the Body Beast program and the 8 week bulking stack I gained 31 pounds in 8 weeks. That’s about 15 pounds per month which I think is pretty good.
  • I’m a woman will it work for me? I’ve seen a few posts online from women praising the Crazy Bulk supplements and they also have a page here So yeah I think it will work for women too.
  • Which products should I buy? Personally I used their bulking and cutting stacks but if I were to choose one product for bulking it would be D-BAL and for cutting it would be Clenbutrol.
  • How long should I take them for? I recommend 8 weeks of bulking and then 4 weeks of cutting and then repeating until you reach your goal.

The Crazy Bulk Muscle Mass System!

So I got great results by combining the Crazy Bulk legal steroids with the Body Beast program but I’ve also heard good things about the free Shortcut To Size program here.

I think it’s important that you don’t just take the supplements and then go to the gym and randomly lift weights. You need to stick to a program!

I believe that if you combine CrazyBulk with a good workout program then you will absolutely see great results.

How long will it take you to reach your goal? Use the calculator below to give you an idea..

So Should You Bulk The Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids?

\Quite honestly I don’t regret buying them one bit. Sure they’re a bit expensive but they do what they’re supposed to do so yes I do recommend them if you want to build muscle fast.

On the other hand I would only recommend buying them if you’re serious about building muscle because you’re still going to need to put some time and effort into working out every day and eating right.

And results won’t happen overnight but if you put in the effort then you will reap the rewards soon enough.

But I’m confident that if you make the decision to stick with it then you will get some pretty amazing results.

I started off as a skeptic but I saw first hand how well the Crazy Bulk supplements work.

~ Which ones do I recommend buying for the best results?

If you’re on a budget:

  • D-Bal is my #1 choice for bulking.
  • Clenbutrol is my #1 choice for cutting.

If you don’t mind spending the extra and want the best results fast:

So good luck and if you have any questions or need any help then feel free to leave a comment below!