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Officials brainstorm solutions for the shortage of direct support professionals

The problem still exists surrounding a shortage of workers that help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and officials are figuring out what that issue is.

The State Senate held a meeting this week to look into the issue, and the biggest takeaway is that there will be an awful impact on those with disabilities if they lose the support of direct support professionals.

Republican State Senator Mike Martucci said that for how difficult the job is, they are not being paid adequately. He said they could go work as a grocery stocker and have an easier job making the same or more money.

Martucci added that working families should not be expected to deal with that burden just so the jobs are filled.

Solutions include, according to Democrat Senator John Mannion, chair of the Committee on Disabilities, properly funding the system, and paying a higher minimum wage for DSP’s than the state’s minimum wage.