Is your household one of the 150,000 that now qualify for food stamps?

Residents that were affected by Hurricane Ida can get temporary food stamps through the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

That means 150,000 higher income families that would not normally qualify in Louisiana can get assistance.

Families will get one month worth of benefits: one person can get $204 and a family of 4 can get $680.

To qualify you must reside in an area that’s identified as a disaster area.

If you do not normally qualify, you might if you had any expenses related to home or business repairs, temporary shelter costs, evacuation or relocation costs, costs to protect homes or businesses, an injury or funeral expense related to the disaster, loss of income due to the disaster, or food loss because of the disaster.

The rules for D-SNAP compared to regular SNAP are less strict.

Applications will be accepted beginning Sept. 20.

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