New York residents are actually in favor of mask and vaccine mandates

A new Siena poll was released and the results show that most New York State residents are in favor of mask mandates and vaccines.

The following data was shown:

  • Strong support for public schools requiring staff to get vaccinated: 69-26
  • Strong support for gyms, restaurants, and other businesses requiring proof of vaccination: 66-32
  • Strong support for employers requiring employees to be vaccinated: 65-31
  • Strong support for districts requiring masks to be worn by everyone inside the school: 78-18
  • Strong support for the government requiring masks inside indoor public facilities: 74-21

A mask mandate for schools is supported by 89% of Democrats, 76% of independents and 57% of Republicans.

Data also shows a drastic change in what people think about the pandemic.

When the poll was taken in May, most believed the pandemic was over, but now many more voted that they think the worst is yet to come.

Votes also showed overwhelming support for Governor Kathy Hochul across the board.

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