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Republicans shared their opinions on President Joe Biden and the Afghanistan withdrawal at a steak-fry fundraiser

At Governor Pete Ricketts’ annual steak-fry fundraiser in Nebraska City, three important Republicans shared their opinions on how President Joe Biden handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and former Vice President Mike Pence were all present at the Nebraska City event.

DeSantis stated that countries like China, Iran, and North Korea were watching what happened, and that they do not fear Biden, but feared former President Donald Trump.

Cruz referred to the administration’s response as a “disaster” when trying to get people out of the country.

Pence stated that the chaos that followed after the Taliban quickly and surprisingly took over “never had to happen.”

Pence also brought up a meeting Trump had when discussing the withdrawal with the Taliban, saying if harm came to any Americans they would suffer military strikes.

Many Republicans are also discussing suing the White House in response to the vaccine mandate.