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New York eHealth Collaborative launches video series; highlights regional partners’ work to improving healthcare in communities

The New York eHealth Collaborative has released a series of videos that focuses on their regional partners that have worked hard to improve the health of New York residents across the state.

The first video in the series highlights the successful efforts of BronxWorks, a community-based organization that has been supporting people in the Bronx since 1972 with comprehensive services, including education and workforce development, eviction prevention, health and wellness, legal and immigration services, and more.

In the 3 minute 17 second video, representatives from BronxWorks explain how they use the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY) via the Bronx RHIO to ensure they have the latest clinical information on their clients – such as hospitalizations, medication changes and other medical data – to inform the services they provide to vulnerable New Yorkers.

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“Use of the SHIN-NY through the Bronx RHIO has significantly benefitted our work,” said Shauna Barry, Program Director at BronxWorks in the video. “It’s made it possible for our team to provide integrated, coordinated, comprehensive care that considers all the factors that affect a person’s health. This is particularly valuable to us because we serve a population that is often dealing with many co-occurring issues impacting individuals’ health and wellbeing.”

The SHIN-NY (SHY-nee) is a statewide network that facilitates secure and confidential electronic sharing of patient data across the healthcare system to improve outcomes. It is comprised of and connects regional networks, including the Bronx RHIO, that allow participating providers and organizations to quickly access and share comprehensive patient health information and medical records. Statewide,  100 percent of hospitals and more than 100,000 healthcare professionals are connected to the SHIN-NY, which facilitates the exchange of health information (HIE) for patients across the state regardless of health system or network within which providers are based.

“We are grateful to the dedicated staff and leadership at BronxWorks and for all the good they do for so many, and for helping us spread the message about the real world, positive impact the SHIN-NY and the Bronx RHIO have on the health of everyday New Yorkers,” said Val Grey, CEO, New York eHealth Collaborative. “This is just one example of how the SHIN-NY helps community-based organizations – as well as a wide array of medical and health professionals – do an even better job of serving their patients and clients. We look forward to sharing even more examples in the coming months.”

“The advice I would give other CBOs who are considering engaging with the RHIO is that they should absolutely move forward with doing it,” Nikki Bibby-Poe, LCSW, Program Director at BronxWorks’ Westchester Avenue Safe Haven, says in the video. “If they’re concerned with the continuity of care, with the quality of services and providing the best services that we can provide, it’s definitely something that’s beneficial to the organization.”

“Bronx RHIO has provided health information exchange services to BronxWorks since 2014. Over the years we have built customized alerting and analytics solutions to fit into existing staff workflows and meet BronxWorks’ evolving needs. It is exciting to see a health-oriented community-based organization actively using Bronx RHIO data to better support their staff and clients,” said Kathy Miller, Bronx RHIO Chief Operating Officer.

NYeC will be sharing this and forthcoming videos in the series with health care providers, community-based organizations, government, civic and business leaders, and the media as part of its ongoing education and informational campaign.

Future videos will focus on how the SHIN-NY has worked with other regional networks and a wide range of health care providers to improve community health in other parts of the state.

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