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Home » Valentine's Day » Verbal dispute turns physical between Gananda transportation worker and parent over masking, district says

Verbal dispute turns physical between Gananda transportation worker and parent over masking, district says

The Gananda Central School District is backing one of its transportation workers after a physical and verbal confrontation last week involving a parent.

“I believe the parent was upset about the fact that we require masks,” Gananda Superintendent Shawn Van Scoy explained to “There’s actually a little bit more to that, which is actually startling to most parents. I can’t go into detail because it involves a student there, but it is stunning that something would occur that would involve a student.”

There are exceptions to the mask rules on buses, but like the school day, students are required to wear a mask while on-board.

If a student has a valid medical exemption, the mask can be avoided. But in this case that wasn’t the case, according to district officials.

“It’s hard to find good transportation workers,” Van Scoy added in his conversation with “They just want to pick kids up and take them to where they need to go. They’re not looking to argue with anyone or engage. This is very disheartening that this would happen to one of our staff, and we will support them. We want them to be safe.”

The district did not release additional information, citing that it was an active investigation. Police also have not released information about the incident.

Here’s what the district said in a statement:

“First and foremost, the safety of our students and our staff is always our main priority, and we take it very seriously. Unfortunately today a parent physically engaged a member of our transportation team while that staff member was simply trying to do their job. We will support our staff in all measures concerning their safety. Our transportation staff are hardworking, dedicated employees, and it is inappropriate that anyone would physically engage with them while they’re doing their job. Under no circumstance should any of our staff members be physically or verbally attacked, and if an incident does rise to the level of a crime, we will support the filing of a police report.