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Thousands of people are missing out on unclaimed taxes, are you missing out on a tax refund?

The IRS says there are millions in unclaimed taxes, but there is a deadline for when you can collect them.

This is an issue every year; thousands of people simply do not file their taxes and are missing out on money they would otherwise be entitled to.

The cut off is 36 months for those that want their refund and have not filed a return.

The time was up in 2021 for any unclaimed taxes in 2017, and by then just under 50,000 Ohio residents were missing out on refunds.

There is also the issue of claiming taxes, but never having them delivered.

Electronically is normally the fastest way to go with the least risk, but if you’re missing a paper check, it could be because you moved, changed your name, or if you filed electronically, closed the bank account set up for direct deposit.

For address changes, the form 8822 can be filled out and sent to the address on the form.

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