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Parents can opt out of October’s $300 child tax credit advance or add children to portal: Here’s how to do it

Next week, eligible parents will be getting their third child tax credit payment.

No changes can be made prior to the Sept. 15 check, but they can be made before the Oct. 15 payment.

If parents want to opt out of the fourth check, they can do so by logging into the IRS portal. They can also make changes regarding marital status, income, or add or take away children.

The next checks are schedule for Sept. 15, Oct. 15, Nov. 15, and the last check Dec. 15, all worth $300.

In April of 2022 parents will receive the rest of the child tax credit, or the second half, for the amount of up to $1,800.

To opt out of the rest of the monthly payments, the next deadline is Oct. 4.

To use the child tax credit tools for things like checking the status of a payment or to opt out, there are two portals.

The first portal is for people who aren’t usually required to file taxes, as well as low income families.

There is another interface called the Child Tax Credit Eligibility Assistant tool and it helps families find out if they qualify for the payments.

The second portal, the Child Tax Credit Update Portal, is a way for families to see their eligibility status, manage their payments and unenroll from receiving payments.

If parents adopted or had a baby in 2021, they will be able to update that in the portal soon.

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