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Millions of kids have enough to eat thanks to the early Child Tax Credit payments

So far, families have received two of the six planned Child Tax Credit payments, and because of that, the number of children unable to eat enough at home has fallen by 3.3 million.

The data was collected between Aug. 4 and Aug. 16, showing the just the first check has helped feed children.

More children are able to receive the payments this time around because before, families needed to have at least $2,500 in earned income credit, but now the number is zero.

Black and Latino households were hit the hardest by the pandemic, and after the changes in Child Tax Credit payments, the percentage of children not being able to eat has dropped dramatically:

Black adults with children have dropped to 15% from 20%

Latino adults with children have dropped to 13% from 21%

American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander adults with children has dropped to 13% from 22%

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