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Struggling businesses hopeful to find applicants next week after unemployment benefits end

This weekend, millions will be losing the pandemic related unemployment benefits they’ve been receiving, and business are still desperately looking to hire.

Places like Cameron Roofing in Penfield still aren’t finding interested candidates, even as the expiration for unemployment comes closer.

Sean Kausch, business associate for Cameron Roofing, says it has never been this hard to fill positions before.

Extra bonuses have even been added for workers to help offset hardships due to the pandemic.

Kausch says people would call to inquire about work but then never show up, and it happened quite often.

Amorette Miller owns a job search engine for the Rochester area called and says things like this have happened in the past, which resulted in people ending up filling these positions.

Kausch is hopeful that beginning next week, people will start looking for jobs after their benefits have ended.