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Mets place Brandon Nimmo on 10-day injured list with right hamstring strain

The Mets got off to a red-hot start in game one of Saturday’s doubleheader against the Washington Nationals and held on win despite blowing a huge lead, but an injury to Brandon Nimmo dampened some of the mood.

Nimmo, who started the game 2-for-2 with an RBI, a run scored and a stolen base, was on second base and running towards third on the final out of the inning. As he approached the third base bag, he slowed up.

The Mets later announced that Nimmo left the game with right hamstring tightness, though manager Luis Rojas referred to the injury after the game as a strain. Soon after, the Mets officially placed Nimmo on the 10-day injured list and recalled Travis Blankenhorn.

“It’s a strain in his hamstring. He felt it around third on that play when he was thinking about scoring from second because the second baseman was playing in the outfield,” Rojas said. “Immediately, he was frustrated. Let’s see the grade of it and how long it takes him to come back.”

When asked if this could potentially end Nimmo’s season, Rojas wasn’t willing to go that far until the team sees how Nimmo responds to the injury.

“First things first, let’s see the evaluation. This just happened,” Rojas said. “It’s unfortunate right now that he did (get injured) and he may be out for the 10 days or so, but still we’ve got to see how he responds.

“This is a guy who takes a lot of care of himself. He’s one of the first guys to the field and he’s one of the last guys leaving because of how much he does to keep himself out there on the playing field.”