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With pandemic unemployment assistance ending, jobless look to make money online

Unemployment assistance has become a long term reality for many during the pandemic. But now, even with a persistent rise in Covid cases, unemployment benefits are coming to an end across the country forcing the jobless back into the workforce. Faced with a return to the workplace, some people are looking for alternatives and many have found a start by looking at how to make money online.

While it may be a monumental task to instantly create a full-time income online, but even a small flow of income from an online side hustle could make a difference in a family’s monthly finances.

Those looking to tap into our connected society to supplement your income, or build a new business online, are looking at particular skills or interests that were formerly hobbies but could not be turned into something more serious.

Those who spend a lot of time on Facebook or Instagram could start a social media management service. Good with a keyboard and grammer, become a freelance copywriter. Like to spend time in your car, become an Uber or Instacart driver. Testing user interfaces on websites or becoming a virtual tutor are two more ideas. Go to Flea Markets and garage sales and flip your purchases online. Learn the art of day trading stocks or crypto currencies. Crafty people can create revenue by selling their work on Etsy.

The bottom line is that work will be required one way or another. Will Americans return to the traditional workplace in coming months or will they turn entrepreneur and take the road less traveled?


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