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Vendors think 18 days was too long for the New York State Fair

The New York State Fair’s return is about half its usual attendance as it continues forward with the longest period it’s ever been open- 18 days.

Vendors are beginning to think 18 days is far too long.

In 2019 on Aug. 28 there were 118,000 people in attendance. On Aug. 28, 2020, there were 57,000. That was also the highest attendance the fair has seen so far this year in one day.

Stan Hobbs with Tater Tot’s thinks that the normal 13 days would be better and thinks a lot of people are going to show up at the end.

Other vendors are saying they wish it was shorter as well, or wish they’d waited until next year when people weren’t afraid of catching COVID.

Vendors were initially surprised by the low attendance, but hold out hope that the last weekend of the fair will bring the most visitors.