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Battles ensue over mask mandates in schools from all sides, while studies support masks diminishing spread

In at least 14 states various lawsuits have been filed both for and against the use of masks in schools.

There is no universal on decisions for schools in the country, some states require them, others have banned requiring them, and some states are letting districts decide as protests and violence erupt over masks.

Worried parents that want masks are suing over banning them in states like Utah, school districts are legally battling with governors in states like Florida, and lawsuits fighting against masks being required are happening in states like Missouri.

The court results vary, with some backing up states banning mask mandates and others going against them.

Studies have repeatedly shown that school following proper precautions help lower the spread of COVID, and others show when that doesn’t happen, it spreads.

In Marin County, north of San Francisco, a teacher returned to school just two days after showing symptoms and removed her mask to read to the class, effectively spreading to 26 people.

Active cases are popping up at higher rates in places that are not mandating masks or taking proper safety measures.