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Supply and demand are deeply impacted by Delta, causing food shortages and price increases

Grocery store shelves might still be looking empty in some places even after the toilet paper shortage of 2020.

Some foods that are hard to get hands on are meat products. People are buying them in large quantities and freezing them after what happened during the pandemic.

Other products in high demand as people stock up on due to the spread of the Delta variant include ready-to-eat meals like boxed mac and cheese or frozen meals.

It’s not only the demand, but supply.

Aluminum shortages are causing anything like canned soda or soups harder to find.

When people do manage to find foods they’re looking for, they’re much more expensive.

What shortage means in this situation is the labor shortage. While the supplies exist, the ability to produce them is limited.

While everything is jumbled right now, the market has the potential to return to normal by 2022.

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