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What will it take to get a fourth stimulus check when evidence shows economic relief is what Americans need?

The third round of stimulus checks hit the bank accounts of 169 million Americans this past year.

Altogether, eligible adults have received $3,200. $1,200 was distributed through the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act in March of 2020, $600 in December of 2020 as economic relief, and $1,400 under the American Rescue Plan when Biden took office.

Despite the relief, Americans are still struggling to make ends meet.

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Economic recovery seems much slower than originally anticipated, with Americans receiving some form of jobless benefits, the Delta variant rapidly spreading, and many other unknown factors contributing to the daily lives of Americans.

A petition has been signed by almost 3 million people urging lawmakers to pass another $2,000 stimulus check as the most recent ones run out.

Some senators have supported the idea and wrote to President Biden, saying the $1,400 would not last long through this economic crisis.

Governor Newsom in California created the Golden State Stimulus and is giving qualifying residents $600 in aid. The residents need to have filed their 2020 taxes and have low to middle income.

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Research has shown that the aid helped Americans, but when an agreement couldn’t be reached last year, Americans struggled in November and December.

Economists are urging stimulus money to be given out until the economy fully recovers.

While many Americans are pitted against one another, only 4 out of 10 jobless individuals received the funding from unemployment programs.

The reality is that people don’t always qualify or can’t get the aid when they need it, making the stimulus money so important to many Americans.

The economy might look like it’s growing, but people are still scraping by.

Experts on Wall Street suggest the likelihood of a fourth stimulus check is slim as Biden’s administration puts all its efforts into the infrastructure plan.

Delta continues to destroy the economy and in Texas has resulted in 72,000 jobs being lost. Many people aren’t returning to work or the service industry because they don’t want to catch COVID.

With unemployment benefits ending and the Delta variant spreading, the economy may not handle what’s to come well at all.

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