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Will we ever find out where the COVID virus came from? Investigations stall in China, making the chance of knowing less likely

International scientists were sent to China by the WHO in an attempt to investigate the origins of the COVID virus, but they say they are being stalled and losing an opportunity to solve the problem.

A U.S. intelligence review was inconclusive, not able to tell what really happened to cause the outbreak.

The scientists have said China is causing the investigation to stall, refusing to share certain data and say it’s regarding patient confidentiality.

Originally in March a team of scientists concluded it was likely the virus broke out by jumping from humans to animals and the chance of a lab leak in China was extremely unlikely.

China is suggesting the scientists explore other avenues of study to try to figure out where it came from, not allowing the scientists to investigate and test people who were exposed before December of 2019.

A director general for China’s Foreign Ministry, Fu Cong, says it is not China’s fault this investigation is stalling and it’s a shame. He said the U.S. has given the lab theory too much attention.

Cong also suggested that instead of blaming China, perhaps it was labs in the U.S. the WHO should be investigating.

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