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Republicans hopeful that they can work with Governor Kathy Hochul

Republicans in New York are hoping for change as Governor Kathy Hochul takes the lead in state government. Will that happen? Will Republicans be more willing to work with Gov. Hochul than they did with Andrew Cuomo?

Those questions will be answered in the coming weeks and months, but some lawmakers are hopeful about the future. Republicans don’t hold any majority authority or power in the three levers of state government, but they are hopeful that their concerns will at least be heard.

“As her new administration begins to take shape, I hope Gov. Hochul is mindful of the fact that she represents all New Yorkers, from all backgrounds and regions,” said Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay. “The ‘spirit of collaboration’ she referenced this morning should not be limited to certain political parties or special interests. Her door should be open to more ideas, more voices and more constituencies than her predecessor’s ever was.”

She’s the first Upstate native to rise to the governor’s mansion. She’s also the first Buffalo resident to become governor since Grover Cleveland.

“Gov. Hochul takes office in the face of many challenges,” Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt said. “It is my hope that she will work with elected leaders in both parties to address pressing issues like the pandemic, rising crime, continued outmigration and other threats to the future of our state. Saving our state will require input from across the political spectrum, not just the most radical voices from one region of our state.”