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Man in Manlius who refused vaccine is now recovering at home with permanent lung damage

A man in Manlius has contracted COVID after not getting the vaccine, and his family hopes others will learn from his story.

Evan Bartlett arrived home after work one day with classic COVID symptoms: a headache, chills and body aches.

His wife Kelli was with him when he tested positive, and she was scared.

His temperature spiked to 104 and his blood oxygen plummeted. His cough was so bad he struggled to breathe.

The family was informed after rushing him to the hospital that if they were unable to stabilize him after placing him on oxygen, he would need to go to the COVID ICU and likely be placed on a ventilator.

While Evan refused the vaccine, his entire family chose to get it. He thought COVID was being blown out of proportion, but told his family to let people know that it is real and he will have permanent scarring of his lungs for life at 50 years old.

He simply wants everyone to know because he was a non-believer, and he feels bad for what he’s put his family through with his decision to not get the vaccine.

He has since returned home to recover from COVID and pneumonia, giving him extensive lung disease.