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Cheese business in Woodhull damaged by flooding is attempting to rebuild

Marco Hickey, owner of Golden Age Cheese, a plant and retail store in Woodhull, was unable to check his store via security cameras due to the power being out after Tropical Storm Fred.

He said the pictures were unrecognizable and it did not look like Woodhull.

He expressed relief when he realized the flooding was overnight so none of his employees were harmed.

Without flood insurance, he was left to take the next steps and deal with whatever came his way.

The floors were damaged and covered in mud after three to four feet of water flooded the plant and store.

The pasteurizer, the most important part of the business, still worked.

15,000 pounds of cheese remained unscathed after the flooding.

Hickey is going to use a portion of online revenue to go toward fixing damages in Woodhull.