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Livingston County starts planning 2022 budget

Livingston County has officially started the planning process to begin developing the County’s official 2022 budget.

The process begins each year with the County Administrator seeking requests, feedback, and recommendations from County department heads on spending and revenues for the upcoming year. Next, the County Administrator works with each department head to review and hone their numbers before presenting a draft to the County’s financial oversight committee, the Ways and Means Committee, in September. A budgeting workshop in October refines these numbers further, after which the County officially files a tentative budget and holds a public hearing in November, said Livingston County Administrator Ian M. Coyle.

According to Coyle, development of the 2022 budget, while having its normal challenges, is a markedly improved situation from the previous year.

“We are not out of the dark with COVID, as evidenced by our recent case trends here locally, but fiscally we have rebounded in sales tax revenues, and economic and tourism activity has resumed to pre-pandemic levels,” said Coyle. “Additionally, Federal stimulus monies are in-hand and accessible. These are all huge positives as we head into budget season. Areas of uncertainty are the usual and customary annual discussions of New York State government’s financial picture and the possible impacts on State aid. But make no mistake about it – Livingston County goes into this budget season with a refreshed, optimistic outlook due to the County’s strengthened financial picture and strong reserves and fund balance levels.”

For more information on Livingston County’s 2022 budget process, please contact the County Administrator’s office at 585-243-7040.