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Best project collaboration software for Mac OS

Collaboration is an integral part of the working process in most projects. Whether you have a small team or a big one, there will always be moments when you will need to interact and work together. For the last year, more than ever before, we could witness how project collaboration has moved to the online dimension making thousands of people around the world search for the best project collaboration software. With that in mind, we have composed this list of the best project collaboration software that is compatible with Mac OS and mostly with other OS since they are cloud-based. 

That list includes online tools for project collaboration that allows you to create Gantt chart online and collaborate based on it, store and share files with your colleagues, and manage relationships with clients. 

Here is the list: 

  • GanttPRO
  • Zoho
  • Quip
  • Dropbox 
  • Clickhelp
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Wiredrive
  • Hightail

1. GanttPRO

GanttPRO is project collaboration software where you can create Gantt chart online to plan and complete both individual and team tasks. A Gantt chart view provides a clear understanding and overview of the entire project and all its tasks, as well as their dates, and a possibility to track those tasks and their progress. Every team member is always aware of all the project details which reduces  fallacies in implementation and ongoing planning.

Additionally, this Gantt chart software gives possibilities to deal with and keep under control various types of resources, spendings, as well as specific schedules which makes it a sound resource management tool.

What is so special regarding GanttPRO:

Collaboration opportunities in the cloud-based GanttPRO are truly powerful. Team members can work together in real-time: comment tasks, attach documents, leave summaries to assignments, export their graphs in PDF or PNG as well as share them with a public URL. The real-time alerts ensure that project participants are aware of all the adjustments 24/7.

2. Zoho 

This software is an all-in-one CRM, Mail, Books, and also Creator system.

The applications from this group are used for saving documents, images, as well as videos online as well as for sharing and distributing them from any place.

What is so special about Zoho:

In terms of collaboration, the software offers multiple channels of communication for its users, like forum, wiki, activity stream, feeds, and chat. Via feeds, teammates can get updates about important events like the creation of new assignments, proposals, announcements, etc. Zoho also serves as a knowledge-sharing platform for its team members. 

3. Quip

Quip organizes collaboration on records as well as task lists in a very smooth way as it helps teams work faster and more effectively. This online collaboration software serves well for taking collective conference notes and handling projects. Quip will be the place where you and your co-workers will certainly keep all documents to get the job done.

What is so special regarding Quip:

Quip files may include project trackers, schedules, as well as numerous other tools.

Incorporates team chat, checklists, records, and spreadsheets in one place.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox can easily fall under the category of well-known online document-sharing and project collaboration software that is compatible with all operating systems. Users can keep their media documents in it as well as share them with team members which gives great opportunities for real-time cooperation from any kind of device at any given minute.

The business version of Dropbox gives access to a lengthy list of extraordinary features: data as well as version recovery, smart synchronization, admin dashboard, and many others.

What is so special regarding Dropbox:

Free version for up to 2 GB document storage.

Quite a long list of integrated applications.

5. ClickHelp

ClickHelp is a modern-day online documentation and project collaboration tool. It’s used by firms around the globe to produce and publish various types of documents like manuals, customer guides, help files, frequently asked questions, and so forth.

ClickHelp is easy to use for doc groups. It is browser-based and supports numerous systems: Mac OS, Windows, as well as Linux, so you don’t need to set up anything. This makes it very easy to author and deliver your documents from any location in the world.

In the online documentation tool, you can also work on your documentation along with your staff members in one online portal. Nothing will be missed due to the fact that alerts will certainly keep everyone from your group updated.

What is so special about ClickHelp:

Password-protected online assistance.

Easy importing and exporting.

Powerful full-text search.

Branding features.

and also a lot more.

6. OneDrive

You may be surprised to see a Microsoft product in the list of project collaboration software for Mac OS, but there’s nothing unusual in that since OneDrive is a web-based application. In this tool you can save files for free of up to 5 GB and access them immediately online from any kind of gadget be it your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Furthermore, the tool provides offline access – so you are free to work with your documents anytime, anywhere.

The collaboration itself is a breeze. Users can share pictures, documents, and also folders with any person they desire. For that, you just need to send a link – that’s it. If you are concerned about safety and security, you can establish expiration dates for common files.

With OneDrive, individuals can arrange online collaboration with team members in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and also OneNote from any type of device.

What is so distinct regarding OneDrive:

5 GB of data storage space completely free.

Boosted collaboration with Office 365.

Expiring web links.

7. Google Drive

This Google product falls under the category of well-known project collaboration tools as well. Without any doubt, it is the most prominent online data-sharing application. You can rely on it to save documents, pictures, illustrations, tables, or any other digital files. 

All the data you keep in there will certainly be accessible by any person you give access to, anytime. With Google Drive, online collaboration is a piece of cake and it can definitely be included in the list of best project collaboration software for Mac. 

What is so unique about Google Drive:

Easiness of use.

First 15 GB of storage space are free for a Google account.

Files are accessible from any type of device.

8. Wiredrive

Wiredrive makes media management and collaboration procedures smooth and very easy to handle. It can be described as a centralized platform where teams save and exchange all task-relevant files.

Shared workplaces for tasks and groups enable fast online collaboration between employees: you can review, comment, and track all assignments. What is also great, shared work is encrypted so you don’t have to waste your time and energy on safety concerns.

What is so special about Wiredrive:

Notifications that keep every person from a group updated.

Well-developed search and filtering.

Possibility to make presentations in secs.

9. Hightail

Hightail is recommended for creative collaboration and allows sharing data and managing tasks as well. 

You can send out big multimedia data with ease thanks to file sharing possibilities. And it’s as easy as ABC. All you need to do is to select and then drag&drop or import your files from other services.  Creative online collaboration provides a single room for teams that eliminates miscommunication problems. With task management functionality, all team members can gather in one place, set up to-do lists, talk about tasks, and appoint follow-ups.

What is so unique about Hightail:

Accessibility codes and also expiration dates.

Lots of file formats are supported for previewing.

Files track delivery.

Version control.

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