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Butcherbox Review

Have you ever tasted and cooked from pre-arranged meat boxes? Well, there is this meat delivery subscription service from Boston, MA, called the ButcherBox. This subscription service upholds the highest standards for creating a sustainable environmental approach and impact, animal welfare, food security, and worker’s rights. 

Plenty of meat options to choose from and a whole variety of choices, these products can be delivered directly to your door. These meat are packaged in special insulated boxes to keep it frozen using dry ice and delivered right to you. Offering different boxes containing various types of ingredients and meat products such as ground beef, pork chops, sirloin steak, and whole chicken. It has an exceptional taste and nutrition in just a box. 

Their quality of meat cuts is reputed to have exceptional taste and nutrition, particularly the all-time popular grass-fed beef, which is also grass-finished. They also carry free-range organic chicken, heritage-breed pork, and wild-caught seafood.

The ButcherBox’s mission is to bring sustainable meat services and products. It was envisioned to help the Earth in terms of its ecological and environmental effects as a lot of industrial meat butchery companies are horrible for the environment. This could be regenerative animal agriculture and the future of farming. As for the animals, these are humanely-raised animals living healthy and happier than most barns and livestock. Lastly, for our health, delivering a diet, pasture-raised, heritage bred animals giving essential vitamins and nutrients to humans.

Quality of the Butcherbox

ButcherBox has its meat humanely raised with exceptional quality and taste. No doubt from rising food security meat product trends can provide. With its guaranteed environmentally and sustainably sourced meat, this high-quality means with completely customizable boxes are accessible for its customers. Don’t believe me? Check this review for a detailed breakdown of why they are one of the best meat delivery subscriptions in the country:

ButcherBox provides organic grass-fed beef from livestock products, this creates a tenderly bred meat product. The livestock is fed with green and healthy grasses and are less likely to be full of herbicides, and do not contain any antibiotics or added chemical hormones. 

The quality and texture of the ButcherBox Chicken have little to no sinew or connective tissue to be easily sliced, marinated, and seared. They have chicken tenders as well, perfectly seasoned with salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder. The chicken is lean and can absorb amounts of liquid which makes it juicier. 

The ButcherBox Bacon has a perfect distributed meat to fat ratio, thicker than usual, and with the right amount of saltiness creates a tender-crisp on your first bite. It was not that quite salty like other grocery store bacon, but with a better pork flavor. Lastly, with ButcherBox Ground Beef, its meat is leaner than what we could find in the grocery store, healthier and meatier. 

Buying ButcherBox

ButcherBox is a subscription-based meat delivery service on a mission to make ethically-raised meat more accessible. They source their meats from the US, Canada, and Australia and deliver them frozen to your door in curated or customized boxes.

The costs are determined depending on what specific plan and box side you will avail. A classic box costs around $129 and the big box costs around $238, catering approximately 24/48 meals. The menu has varieties of meat box plan options: mixed box, a mixed beef, pork, and chicken plan; a curated all-beef, beef and pork, beef and chicken, and a customized box are available for purchase in ButcherBox.

The subscription has a flexible proportion and delivery frequency of getting these high-quality meats. First, you must build and select your box, choose your shipment boxes depending on what you want to consume. Be it pork or beef, you have total control of your goods. 

Secondly, you can be able to get your package to your doors frozen and insulated. Usually, the ButcherBoxes will arrive at your doors within two days. However, it will vary depending on where you are located as larger cities deliveries are faster than rural and small areas. Lastly, you can dig in by defrosting and cooking the goods you have purchased. Making better meat for a better for the world and community.

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