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People find themselves getting the COVID booster shot earlier than the suggested eight months

Some people in the United States are finding themselves unsettled since the spread of the Delta variant has taken over, and want a booster shot sooner than the third week of Sept. that was recently announced.

Public health officials have suggested people wait 8 months after their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna to get a booster shot.

Many people who are inpatient and want the booster shot want to be able to participate in regular activities or have health conditions that put them at risk.

One man decided to get his booster shot two months earlier than recommended, and said with his diabetes and hypertension, he doesn’t feel comfortable around people in his community who are against the vaccine and masks.

He went to a CVS where he said nobody tried to stop him from getting the extra dose.

The CDC has recommended boosters as soon as possible for individuals who have had organ transplants, have advanced HIV or certain types of cancer.

Dr. Anthony Fauci suggests the 8 month window so the shot is not counterproductive, because getting it too soon could raise the chance of it not working as well as it would by waiting.

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