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Big companies are switching to four day work weeks, others may soon follow too

COVID and the pandemic created many changes in life when it comes to working and technology, so going forward life may look a little different for some.

4 Day Week U.S., created from 4 Day Week Global, is a program that advocates for shorter work weeks.

Kickstarter, an American public benefit corporation based out of Brooklyn that works as a crowdfunding platform, will be adopting a 4 day work week starting in 2022.

CEO of Kickstarter, Aziz Hasan, says he sees the move as flexible and a new design, something that’s always been important to the company.

The idea of the 4 day work week has been catching on globally, especially after the pandemic, and many feel that it makes a person more productive with their work.

The non-profit, 4 Day Week Global, was created by Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart following Barnes’ implementation of a 4 day work week for his estate planning services company in New Zealand.

The organization is offering companies choosing to create a 4 day work week with research, webinars and other materials until Sept. 2021.

The goal is one less eight hour day or five shortened work weeks.

Unilever and Shake Shack have experimented with shorter work weeks and Microsoft Japan tested it in 2019 resulting in a 40% productivity increase.

Spain and Iceland have both tested the shorter work week and saw less burnout, higher wellbeing, and and increase or the same amount of productivity.