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Schools across the nation pose a danger to children’s health with issues ranging from asbestos to lead in the water

Students returning to school are facing more issues than just masks and COVID, but buildings that are dilapidated and pose serious risks to children’s health.

The frightening reality is that there isn’t enough funding to fix all of it.

At a school in southern Virginia, the fifth grade class will have to have their first day of school in the library because they cannot enter their classroom.

That school was built in the 1930s, and over the summer the floor had caved in. Crews are working to fix it as well as the old HVAC unit pulled from the wall and the leaky roof that stained the ceiling tiles.

Another school still in use, and the oldest in the United States in use, is the New London Academy, built in 1795.

The school is in relatively good shape, but needs updates with its old heating system and chalkboards.

These issues are everywhere, with roofs caving in old school, air systems failing to work, and asbestos.

The reality is that a large number of schools have asbestos, leaking roofs, out of date problematic HVAC systems, and potential lead in their water.

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