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Finger Lakes Classical Academy Charter School withdraws their application

The application for the Finger Lakes Classical Academy Charter School to be launched in Auburn next year has been withdrawn.

The goal was to open the school by Sept. of 2022, but the application was withdrawn with no explanation as to why.

The goal with setting up the charter school was to offer an alternative education within the Auburn district and have it funded with public money so families who can’t afford private school would have the option.

Originally the school planned to have 75 students total in grades kindergarten through 4th, then 153 by its fifth year for up to 8th grade.

The application originally submitted in February apparently had several issues and SUNY Charter School Institute officials told them they would be better off withdrawing the application and resubmitting.

The Finger Lakes Academy was planning to educate 30% of their students from the Auburn School District and 20% from Port Byron. The rest would come from Clyde-Savannah, Jordan-Elbridge, Seneca Falls, Cato-Meridian, Weedsport, Southern Cayuga, Union Springs, Moravia, Skaneateles, Marcellus and West Genesee.

Auburn Superintendent Jeff Pirozzolo has expressed his dislike for the charter school idea, saying Auburn would be responsible for funding it with no say in their curriculum. He also said they could pick and choose which students they wanted.