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Will the eviction moratorium be extended? Landlords, tenants wait as expiration nears in New York

Housing advocates are calling for the eviction moratorium in New York to be extended into 2022.

After a scathing report last week from Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office, which found that a tiny fraction of aid intended for landlords and tenants had been pushed out from the state to individuals in need, groups are renewing efforts to prevent evictions.

The Supreme Court recently blocked a portion of the state’s protections against evictions with the court ruling that individuals cannot cast judgment on their own hardships. This stemmed from the modification to the eviction process, which allowed tenants to avoid proceedings by simply filling out a hardship form.

In response, housing advocates are calling for lawmakers to return to Albany and take up housing issues- including extending the eviction moratorium into 2022.

Yea Weaver, a part of Housing Justice for All, recently said that the spread of the delta variant is making the situation all the more dire.