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Man who claimed to have a bomb and detonator Thursday arrested outside U.S. Capitol

Part of Washington D.C. remained at a standstill on Thursday as police waited for a man to surrender who claimed to have a bomb in his pickup truck near the Capitol.

Floyd Ray Roseberry parked near the Library of Congress around 9:15 this morning and told an officer that approached him he had a bomb. Roseberry appeared to be in possession of what looked like a detonator.

Streets were closed and buildings evacuated so police could negotiate with the man.

Police say he gave up and didn’t resist but no bomb was recovered. Roseberry did have bomb making materials though.

A livestreamed video had recorded Roseberry in a truck saying “The revolution’s on, it’s here. I’m ready to die for the cause.”

His ex-wife divorced him eight years ago and stated he had threatened her with firearms before. She also said he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Neighbors say Roseberry was a Trump supporter who often criticized Democrats on social media. They said he set off explosives and shot guns in his yard.

Two of his neighbors are veterans who fought in Afghanistan and had been injured by bombs, so the noises upset them.

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