Luckiest Roulette Numbers: Numerology in Online Casino Games

Although numbers are one of the main tools of gambling institutions, people do frequently underestimate their influence on the play. Without a doubt, gambling truly depends on how lucky you are, but there are some algorithms and strategies to follow in order to attract more success to your experience. Whenever you have a desire to play roulette online, it is a good moment to create your own approach to place stakes beneficially.

Numerology is a study that is commonly not associated with gambling, but essential numbers or beliefs connected with them can bring lots of success. Carrying talismans and wearing special colours really work for someone, although the reason for that may be unclear. Whether it is a power of thought or something else, such additional motivators help you be in a good mood and stay focused on the gaming process, which is especially important for enthusiasts who are fond of roulettes and their variations.

Playing at Casinos Using Numerology

Today, numerology has become another highly popularized study. The importance of numbers is traced everywhere — masters consider the power of mystical and even divine figures hidden in the dates of birth, names, and other aspects of a person’s life. So why should casinos be excluded from the list?

Here is one simple example of why numbers shouldn’t be considered as random good fortune at gambling establishments and similar institutions. Just think a bit about how a clock influences our daily activities. Its numbers are real government powers — your time schedule has exact time frames when you wake up and go to sleep, and much more. Numbers do help us take more control of life, that’s for sure.

From this perspective, it may sound like a mistake to relate 1, 2, 3, and others in a row as less meaningful than they really are.

The main idea of numerology is that each number has a special meaning and carries a certain energy. Any number can affect both physical objects and abstract concepts, including luck. The number 7 is considered the luckiest number for casino fans. In China, eight is believed to be the best candidate for the role in this case. That’s why there are cultural reasons that define the value of this or that number. It was also not for nothing to open the 2008 Olympic Games on a special date — on the eighth day of the eighth month at eight pm.

According to the canons of numerology, the main numbers we use symbolize the following:

  • Zero — in American roulette, customers can place stakes on 0 or 00. The payout will differ depending on the type of bet chosen — you will receive either a 17/1 or 35/1 payout. However, in numerology, this is a character that can’t bring good results. It is a medium between positive and negative numbers, so its role may be accepted as a balancing power. So in a row bet in the analyzed roulette system, the chances for your loss will be calculated as 18/1. These odds are against anyone to win at this stake.

  • One — standing for individuality, this number is a promising solution to offer rewards for gamblers since it is that one to start a number series.

  • Two — the mystical meaning of two differs from others — it stands for balance and refinement. Besides, who doesn’t like to double the profit in gaming? That’s how twos work.

  • Three — in many regional and cultural beliefs, it is a good number to work with. Gamblers will confirm its suitability for different activities, including lotteries even. It guarantees nice interaction between the participating parties.

  • Four — stability is a wonderful option to implement in your gaming experience at least sometimes. If you want to enhance your favourable playing conditions, this number symbolizing wealth will come in handy.

  • Five — there is an interesting tradition for customers who prefer land-based slots. If you leave five dollars in your pocket or wallet, it will bring good luck to your bets. And who doesn’t want to achieve an extra potion of action and courage that this number promises?

  • Six — it would be better if you don’t test your luck by gambling on this number. It symbolizes self-sacrifice, and this is definitely far from what you expect to see in your gambling style and strategy. Of course, if you believe it is your talisman and will suit your best.

  • Seven — this number stands for solitude yet conscientiousness, and the latter feature is what makes it a good choice for betters at casinos, either online or offline.

  • Eight — this is a true joker on the table since its functionality includes both positive and negative influences on the play. If you catch the right mood, it will allow you to win good prizes and maybe even hit the jackpot. In the opposite case, great losses are guaranteed according to the laws of numerology.

  • Nine — here is another sample of pretty neutral characters for betting. Although it signifies genius and boundless consciousness, it won’t let everyone win.

Wrap It Up

Of course, the laws of numerology may be interpreted in different ways. But the more you know about the field, the more you feel how to use numbers correctly and avoid misfortunes. In addition, this great attention to main betting conditions will help you explore the wheel better and discover your stake options to the full extent.