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The Taliban is using Twitter to establish political legitimacy, other social media platforms have banned them

As the Taliban continues to take control over Afghanistan, they’re using social media as a way to maintain control.

Most social media platforms aren’t prepared with a way to deal with accounts militants have created. Some plan to crack down on the rules while others will allow them freedom to post.

Facebook has banned anything related to support of or the Taliban itself. This includes WhatsApp and Instagram, owned by Facebook.

Evidently the Taliban was using WhatsApp to stay in contact with residents of Kabul during the takeover.

TikTok has deemed the Taliban a terrorist organization as well and continues to remove content supporting the movement.

Google has not yet announced their plans but makes decisions based on the State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

Twitter has allowed its platform to stay open so people in Afghanistan can seek help and detail the situation happening, but they’re not doing much to stop the Taliban from using the platform as well.

Taliban leaders regularly use Twitter and some are posting information on events happening now, saying foreign diplomats are safe and denying that the Taliban has seized Afghan property from residents.

The Taliban’s biggest focus right now is to establish its political legitimacy, and Twitter is just one way they’re trying to do it.