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The Most Valuable Companies in the World

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What are the most valuable companies in the world? This is a question that many people have been asking. The answer to this question can be found by looking at the Forbes Global 2000 list, which includes all of the top public companies on earth. These are the most successful and profitable businesses from around the world. Online casinos are also important profit-making companies that can be used to make money with the help of True Blue casino daily free spins.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most valued companies all over the world. Below you will find a list of corporations that are considered to be the most precious of all:

  • Saudi Aramco
  • Microsoft
  • Tesla
  • Amazon

Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco is the world’s leader in oil production and reserves. The company has branches all over the world, with their main office located in Dhahran. Saudi Arabia owns it today, but they were founded by American businessmen a few decades ago who wanted to make sure that there would be enough supplies of crude for US refineries after World War II!

Saudi Aramco was started back when America had just won World War 2 – an event which caused great concern about how much supply we might have available locally if war broke out again or any other situation where fuel imports are cut off, and Americans needed another source besides Venezuela (which at this time produced more than half as many barrels per day). 

With help from some powerful friends like Royal Dutch Shell, Saudi Aramco, also known as the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (SAOC), is a privately-owned oil company based in Dhahran. It’s by far the most valuable company on earth, and it has been ranked as number one since 2010 when ExxonMobil was displaced from its top spot due to decreasing profits. The country of Saudi Arabia owns the company, which has led to it being one of the most secretive and well-guarded businesses in the world.

In 2009, Saudi Aramco was estimated to have over $11 trillion worth of assets, including oil reserves that are considered amongst some of the largest on earth with an estimate between 260 and 300 billion barrels. The company is currently valued at over $22 trillion, and it’s the largest company in the Middle East and one of the most valuable companies on earth.


The Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, and sells computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computers. It has been a public corporation since 1986!

In 1975, Bill Gates founded the company with Paul Allen as a co-founder in Albuquerque, New Mexico (after they dropped out of Harvard). They had developed BASIC, which acted as a sort of blueprint for their future computers. Gates and Allen saw that there was a great demand for the product, but at first, they only had one working prototype, so they didn’t have enough to go around!

Microsoft provides software packages in many fields, including operating systems, office products (such as Microsoft Office); security technologies (such as anti-virus software); computer networking, and more. With time the company’s devices have undergone many changes and improvements so that it’s pretty easy to play your favourite games and win real money casino Australia.

The company is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, with over 123,000 employees globally. Microsoft’s most outstanding achievement was the development of Windows 95 back in 1995, which became one of the most successful operating systems ever! With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has ensured its place as a leader in software innovation. The company is currently working on updates to their office suite and redesigns for Outlook Mail that will redefine email collaboration with new features like Clutter-free mode.

Microsoft’s latest products reflect an emphasis on creativity and design rather than speed or power. They are also focusing heavily on hardware development – they released two phones last year (the Lumia 950 series), which were reviewed favourably by critics at Verge, Engadget, CNET, etc., while simultaneously releasing lines of tablets running both Android and Windows OSes designed for different purposes such as gaming/entertainment centred devices (‘Surface’) versus productivity centred ones (‘Lumia’).


Tesla is an American multinational company that specializes in electric cars and other high-tech vehicles such as their new ‘Model X’ SUV. The company’s founder and CEO, Elon Musk (also the co-founder of PayPal), had been described by Bloomberg News as “arguably America’s most successful and important entrepreneur.” The magazine will go on to say that Tesla is the world’s only automaker that sells exclusively electric cars, and it has shaken up the industry, spurring debates about how quickly new technologies can change transportation.

In 2006, Tesla debuted a prototype of their first car model, which was later released as the 2008 Model S. The company’s second vehicle (which was the first electric vehicle to receive a five-star safety rating) was introduced in 2012. The Model S is capable of travelling up to 265 miles on one single charge! Tesla has sold over 100,000 cars worldwide, and they have plans for introducing new models, including the sports car ‘Model C’ and pickup truck ‘Model S.’

Elon Musk has been hard at work, determined to make electric cars the new industry standard. Tesla is now producing solar panels and batteries in addition to their line of EVs that are taking over US streets for a good reason. With 27 other companies on board as members of ZETA (Zero Emission Transport Association), it’s safe to say this isn’t a trend any longer; rather, an inevitable future with zero emissions from our transportation system!


Amazon is an American multinational e-commerce company that was originally created to sell books. The website has evolved and expanded to include all sorts of products such as electronics, clothes, furniture, and more!

In 1994, Jeff Bezos founded the company in his garage with a $300 investment (and after quitting his job). He had just written a business plan for an online bookstore.

The company began as a way to sell books and expanded over time into music, TV shows, video games, toys, electronics, and more! In 2006 they released the Kindle, which allowed people to read in bright sunlight or with one hand that is perfect for travellers! They have since sold millions of Kindles worldwide. 

The company has also created Amazon Prime, which provides members with unlimited free two-day shipping and access to over 40,000 streaming TV shows.

Amazon has been around for decades, but it’s blown up into a juggernaut and become the most expensive company on earth in recent years. On January 7th, the tech giant surpassed Microsoft to take over the top spot by the market value, with its stocks trading at close to $1 trillion dollars. That’s more than every other US-based publicly traded company combined! Amazon is now ranked fourth among all global companies when you rank them according to their current stock values.

Factors that Make a Company Valuable


A company is only valuable if it can create revenue. Revenue is the cash that a company brings in from selling its products to consumers or other companies. If your company cannot generate revenue, then it has no value and will eventually go out of business.


This means that the worth of its assets determines a company’s value. It includes the buildings, equipment and other items owned by your organization. If you have valuable assets, it will increase your business’s overall value to some degree.


The more customers you have, the higher your company’s value is. It means that people are willing to pay for what you sell. So when a customer pays $100 for an item from your store, and they come back tomorrow with another purchase worth $50, then this increases your business’ value by at least $150!

Competitive Advantages

A company’s value is only as high as the competitive advantages it has. It means that you need to find a way of beating your competition to increase your business’s value and retain its customers. If someone else offers what you’re selling for less, then people will go with them instead.


There are many companies that have no doubt made a large impact on the world. The list of most valuable companies is not complete without these titans of industry. It is interesting that some industries like steel and oil have more representation, yet others like silicon valley or retail don’t even make it to the top ten spots. Based on that, we have this ranking.

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