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Some people traveling to the United States aren’t disclosing they’ve already had the vaccine to get a second one

One woman who currently lives in Chile received the Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine earlier in the year, then one month later traveled to Minnesota and got another vaccination.

She got her vaccine in April when visiting family in the United States then returned in June for the second dose.

She did not disclose her previous vaccination and chose the additional vaccine after reading the Sinovac had a low efficacy rate.

Many people traveling to the United States are getting vaccinated twice, reasons ranging from their other vaccines not being effective enough in their opinion to wanting extra protection against the Delta variant.

Some are speaking with doctors and getting approval while others are simply making the decision on their own.

Data on boosters is not readily available to the public nor is data on revaccinating.

Just recently the FDA approved emergency authorization for immunocompromised people to receive a third dose.

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