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Estimates Suggest New Bills Stadium Could Cost $1.4 Billion

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Reports suggest that the prosed new stadium for the Buffalo Bills could eventually cost $1.4 billion. The stadium, if approved and the Bills go ahead with it, would be built right across from their current existing facility, which is in suburban Buffalo.

The details have been released via an anonymous source, who went on record with The Associated Press to give details but remain in the dark. A new facility could be what sends this team forward once again, with a push that could potentially turn them into a Super Bowl contending franchise.

A new stadium would be fascinating to watch, for both fans and those who follow the NFL, especially those betting on the outcome of games involving the Bills. With football betting sign up offers available for players, the Bills and their next moves, will be under the microscope.

The Current Situation

This proposal has been presented to the New York State as well as Erie County officials. This shows discussions have started, and they did so two months ago. The reason for these discussions was very simple and given publicly as being there to determine the future of the home of the Bills.

Rather than looking at renovation, as part of these discussions, a proposal has been put forward for a brand new facility to replace the Highmark Stadium, which it has been recently renamed as. The stadium officially opened up back in 1973, and is full of great memories for fans, though the move to a new stadium is an exciting potential new venture for the franchise.

The current lease on the stadium expires in July 2023. The state and county have already committed $227 million to renovate the current stadium, but there is a lot more needed. This includes structural repairs and upgrades, which are necessary, and were estimated to cost around $540 million back in 2014. Considering the change in the dollar, that number is now expected to be a lot higher, adding further costs to the project.

This is why some people see renovation as not an option, because the cost would be too high. Where ever this goes, it will certainly hit the Buffalo Bills headlines, and will be of huge interest to fans.

The land proposed to be used for the new building is currently controlled by the Bills and used as a parking lot, across the road from their current facility. The biggest part of this may all be down to how much the state and taxpayer pays, and how much the Bills pay.

Word from these discussions suggest that there will be no blank check written for the Bills to use on this facility, though there is certainly a deal to be done somewhere, with help from both the state and county.

All eyes remain on this situation for the Bills, with potentially exciting news coming out eventually, though don’t be surprised to see a lot of discussions take place before we get there.

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