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Covid vaccine booster shots expected for most Americans: J&J, Moderna, and Pfizer will have different timelines

COVID booster shots are coming soon. The Biden Administration is expected to announce in the coming days or weeks that most Americans can, and should, get a booster shot of the COVID vaccine eight months after becoming fully-vaccinated.

The plan is still being developed, but would mean that booster shots could start hitting communities by mid- to late-September.

Federal health officials have held off on making any formal statements about when vaccine boosters could be necessary.

Over the last several days, health experts have started to weigh-in on when immunocompromised people should get a COVID booster shot.

Here’s the catch, though: It’s unclear what specific guidance will look like for individual vaccine types.

Pfizer and Moderna are likely to be given first clearance for booster shots. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine may take longer to get approval. Federal health officials are waiting for more data to be returned on that one.

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