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Penn Yan Academy class of 1956 digs up time capsule 5 years early with help of seniors

People from the Penn Yan Academy’s class of 1956 returned to the school to dig up a previously buried time capsule they created years ago.

The class of 1956 had donated a black granite stone with a picture of the Old School 20 years ago and buried their time capsule behind it with the intention of digging it up 25 years later.

With the pandemic happening as well as losing members of their class, they chose to dig it up at the 20 year mark instead.

The capsule was dug up in the presence of four Penn Yan seniors, Mason Jensen, Owen Bishop, Meredith Hanley, and Tyler Bouchard, who joined the luncheon following the unveiling of the capsule’s contents.

Current students dug up the capsule and items inside included a class ring from a classmate who has since passed on, Coach Pond’s whistle, and a scrapbook with a PYA varsity letter and cheerleader’s megaphone patch.