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China attempted to block the lab-leak theory from a documentary that investigated Covid-19 origin theories

After the Coronavirus wreaked havoc across the globe, the head of the World Health Organization attempted to investigate the virus’s origin, and after reports were released admitted China attempted to have the theory dropped completely.

China first tried to say the theory was impossibly, so it did not need to be included, but in the end agreed to have the hypothesis as part of the investigation as long as it was made clear it was extremely impossible that the origins were from a lab leak.

Ultimately, the conclusions were influenced by the pressure from China to not investigate the lab theory in depth.

Ben Embarek, a Danish scientist leading the investigation, voiced his concern for the safety and handling of the lab in Wuhan.

A phase two into the research has been discussed, in an attempt to further explore all possible theories presented by the research, but China’s Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu argued that this move was politically motivated and the need for another investigation is unnecessary.

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