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Senator Pam Helming will honor 19 women at the 2021 Women of Distinction

In a ceremony to be held Thursday at Fort Hill Performing Arts Center in Canandaigua, Senator Pam Helming will honor 19 women from the 54th Senate District at her 2021 Women of Distinction.

Senator Helming said, “Across our area, there are amazing women doing extraordinary things for their communities, workplaces and families. As the first woman elected to represent the 54th District, home to the birthplace of the women’s rights movement, I feel a special responsibility to ensure we recognize and celebrate women for their contributions and achievements. This year, I am proud to honor 19 of them in my annual Women of Distinction program. Individually, their successes are unique. But collectively, they show that each of us can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.”

The 19 Women of Distinction honorees in the 54th Senate District are:

Mary Beer, Farmingtom

Tammy Bell, Auburn

Jolene Bender, Marion

Tami Cocuzzi, Newark

Pamela Ferranti, Webster

Lisa Finnegan, Walworth

Dorothy French, Walworth

Bonnie Hays, Palmyra

Mary “Mickie” Kelly, Canandaigua

Shelly Lowe, Auburn

Jessica McDonald, Geneva

Lori Miller, Auburn

Pam Rapoza, Geneva

Jennifer Scott, Canandaigua

Suzanne Sokolowski, Webster

Dina Stuck, Seneca Falls

Sherri Viggiano-Hipkens, Auburn

Marita Wallace, Geneva

Linda Wyse, Ontario