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Man who tried to rob Community Bank branch in Cato will spend 10+ years in prison

The man responsible for an attempted bank robbery in the village of Cato in 2019 will spend more than a decade-and-a-half behind bars, according to prosecutors in Cayuga County.

Jason Ingleston, who was convicted in April of second-degree burglary and third-degree attempted robbery was sentenced last week to 13 years for the burglary charge- and another 2-4 years for the attempted robbery charge.

Prosecutor Jon Budelmann said the sentences will run consecutively to one another.

The robbery took place on October 15, 2019 when Ingleston attempted to rob the Community Bank brand located in Cato. He was wearing a motorcycle helmet- and handed the teller a note demanding money- and claiming he had a gun.

After the teller refused to give Ingleston any money, Ingleston fled the bank and then burglarized a dwelling located in Veley Road in the Town of Ira. By that point, a large number of troopers and other law enforcement officers had responded to the area.

Troopers apprehended Ingleston in close proximity to the safe and jewelry stolen from the residence.

“This defendant terrorized the Cato community and we asked the Court to impose a significant sentence. I thank the jury for its time and hard work in this trial. I also credit the State Police for their excellent investigation and Chief ADA Valdina for successfully prosecuting this defendant’s trial,” Budelmann said.

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