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Some find that the rules to get into Canada are too strict

While the Canadian border has reopened to Americans, some feel that the hassle isn’t worth it.

One Rochester woman, Dena Levy, has family in Canada and believes nothing will get in her way to be able to visit.

With cousins in Toronto, Levy made plans as soon as she heard the border had reopened and is willing to do whatever is needed to visit.

Another Rochester woman, Tracey Evert, doesn’t feel that the hassle is worthwhile.

Evert has dual citizenship, and at the beginning of the pandemic her father passed away in Canada. She has been trying to get his ashes, and they have been unable to ship them due to pandemic guidelines.

Evert doesn’t think it’s worth it to be waiting at the border and have the rules change, only to be turned around.

Information on traveling across the border can be found here.

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